[Dungeoneer] - Zum's Dancing Arrow

I require a clarification of the effect on the boon 'Zum's Dancing Arrow' (hero, permanant, spell), from the Den of the Wererats set. The notation on the card says:

[Purple Starburst]: 1 target hero or monster of your choice in same space must overcome [purple] Threat 5+ or take one wound.

Because the rules say:

The total hit effect is given here; the dafault wound isn't added to it.

Reading the two above, it seems that if I hit while using this spell, I do no damage to my target because of the attack roll, but that I do damage only from the Threat.

I would expect it to read:

  1. deals 1 wound to main target
  2. must choose OTHER target for the 'ricochet' effect

does this interpertation seem correct? If not, can anyone explain why?

Appreciative of any response

This is because the additional wound hits a different opponent (if they fail the Threat roll).

Thank you for this response. I go now to crush my foes.