Dusting off Ye Olde Idea Book

While doing a bit of a clean up, I came across my old notebook where I wrote cool and totally awesome ideas (in my most humble opinion) down for Feng Shui adventures over twenty years ago. Some highlights

Ancient Juncture Adventure focus where the PCs meet or become involved with the Outlaws of the Water Margin fighting corruption from Eaters of the Lotus who are threatening the Countryside

Ancient Juncture Adventure where the Eaters of the Lotus plan to steal the Holy Scriptures and destroy them. The Dragons have to protect the pilgrims and possible team up with Guiding Hand to stop a Critical Juncture Shift. It must end with fights in the sky on magical clouds!

1850 Juncture Campaign - Pirates of the South China Seas. The PCs are smugglers/rogues/dashing heroes with their own ship. When an old friend comes with information about THE MOST VAST AMOUNT OF GOLD EVER (TM) they set off on a Globe trotting (sailing?) quest to find it. Having to solve five problems to get the five elemental keys to point the secret location of all that loot. It would feature the Ascended chasing them as the Protagonists and possibly the Guiding Hand. I did manage to run some adventures for this one.

Locations: The Family Suburban Home - writing things that could happen if the players are in the suburbs

Some Levels from N64 Goldeneye game - would make great Ascended locations

Also my mad fan theory on how many Dragons there are.....which I am now converting into a campaign idea