early stage discussion- the Shadow Tribunal

I'm putting together (not recruiting yet) a campaign in which the Grand Tribunal of 1228 went a bit wild-it opened up a Tribunal of Africa despite there being no covenants there, redefined a tribunal to be a geographical region rather than a collection of covenants, consolidated the Loch Legian, Hibernal, and Stonehenge Tribunals into a single tribunal, expanded the Rhine Tribunal to the west, broke apart the tribunal of Thebes to be divided between the Roman, Tribunal, the Tribunal of the Levant, and the Transylvanian tribunal, as well as defining a tribunal of vineland which, much like Africa, has no covenants in it.
At the same time the Colentes Arcanum has come out with a number of new discoveries about manipulating auras which could revolutionize the order.

I'm curious whether people would be more interested in playing in one of the divided sections of Thebes (if so which one- Roman Thebes, Levant Thebes or Transylvania Thebes) or in one of the old tribunals of Hibernia, Loch Leglean, or Stonehenge- essentially a tribunal where these changes have been foisted upon them. I'm hoping this thread will serve as a combination survey and discussion.