Eating books as a study technique

Gang, I've looked through Mysteries and Mysteries Revised and can't find the picture of the Criamon chowing down on a book. Anyone know where it is?

Have you tried grimoire?

Is it the one on the lower right corner of page 97 of Mysteries?

Ah, that's it. Ta.

Did Consumption of the Logos make it to the new edition? I don't think it did...

No, it did not. Which is good, in my opinion. It could lead to terrible abuses. Although it was certainly flavourful.

Heh - read and inwardly digest, as I tell my students...

The problem I see with this is the dearth of papyrus in Europe. Anyone eating a book's worth of parchment will be hurting for fiber afterward.

Gives new meaning to the word "logorrhea".


I saw this thread and this is the FIRST thing I thought of:

'Nuff said. :laughing: