Was a fifth issue of EdgeWork ever published? The editor mentioned in issue four that there was already material for issue five.

If issue five was never published, what would be involved in creating it as a pdf? (Presumably it could be sold at e23 and the like.)

No 5th issue was published. I don't know what materials Peter might have had together for it, since it was about a decade ago, but I don't think it would be worth trying to put it together as PDF. Rights to any materials that had existed would belong to whoever wrote them way-back-when.

Pity. I'd love to see a fifth issue published some time. The world has changed so much since the game came out, and it would be fun to see people updating The Edge.

Thanks for the quick response, even if it wasn't the answer I was hoping to see. :slight_smile:

I've recently started GMing OTE, I found Edgework to be a great source of info, but haven't been able to track down issue 1.
I was wondering if you have any plans to pdf any of the Edgework issue.
I'm also trying to track down an old article from the 'last Province' concerning the Black Death theater and was wondering if any one had a copy in Pdf/Word format.

Sorry for the slow reply.

We still have some copies of issues #2-#4, but not of #1, I'm afraid. Since it was a 'zine, I'm not actually sure if we would have the rights to be able to do PDFs of it. I'll have to add checking into that to my to-do list. I'm still trying to get the old OTE supplements into PDF, even though most of them still exist in print. (It's remarkably not-easy to make good PDFs out of almost 20-year-old files and materials from the days of pasting up art and text for camera-ready copy.)

I actually asked Jonathan Tweet a while back about making a short PDF of the Black Death Theater Troupe, and got his blessing to do it. So that's on the to-do list already. :slight_smile:

sounds cool cant wait.