Egyptian Hedge Wizards?

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My players are heading to Alexandra next session, and i plan on having a hedge wizard causeing trouble for them. But, i dont have the Hedge wizard book and never have read much into different traditions, but is there a hedge wizard tradition from around the Egypt area? Even just a name would be good...



Well, the Learned Magicians and Elementalists both have a strong presence in and around the Levant. Unfortunately neither name is particularly evocative as both groups are intended to be customized by the SG before use...
None of the sample traditions are particularly around that area though I suppose the Ikhwan as-Safa or Tulab ibn Sina might have some interest in the area due its famed library...

You could probably adapt the Folk Witch to work too. Plus, if you have Ancient Magic you might be able to design a crude tradition based on the "Caananite Nercromancy" or "Mechanica of Heron" virtues.

As for just a name: Arabic for magician is Sahir, but that name's kinda already taken... Alternately, Coptic for magician appears to be "Xako" (quick online-search) which might work for an Alexandrine lineage even if I'm wrong...

What you could do, is look at a thread I posted about non-hermetic magi (It's still on the front page, I think).
There are some pretty good answers in there, but the idea I liked best is to learn spells as supernatural abilities. You should make them "accelerated" abilities, so they advance like arts, rather than abilities. as for virtues and flaws, you could take the Gift, cyclic magic (both) and Necessary Condition (Something or another), and you have yourself a non-hermetic magus right there.

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Since it's starting to drop down the page, I'll include the link to the previous discussion:

You'll also find rules for my (admittedly 4th edition) Egyptian mage-priests here: ... magic.html

I hope this helps.

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I'm gonna jury-rig something up then (game's in 3 hours...), using some of your suggestions :slight_smile:

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Ok, da plan....

Undead Mummy (magic might) awoken from the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa (the Mythic version...) that is a Canaanite Necromancer! Lets hope it works....