Egyptian Magic - ?

Anything in any supplement regarding Magic in Egypt?

During the 12th century, the last recorded major revolts by the native Coptic Population had happened (or will happen, 1140 or so if I'm not mistaken). Is there any source book that would explore the magic of that area in detail? I mean, we're talking of one of the most populous countries in the world is an even split between Coptic and Muslim residents (at that time).

Sam W.

Ars Magica is by default set in Mythic Europe, but I think there's a bit of stuff of Egypt in the 4th edition Blood and Sand though...

Exactly what kind of stuff are you looking for?

  1. Realms of Power: The Divine - Has rules for designing and playing Holy Magicians from all three of the Abrahamic religions.
  2. Hedge Magic Revised Edition - Elementalists & Learned Magicians are both suitable for a Saga set in the Northern parts Africa...

Niall Christie wrote up some 4th edition rules for Ancient Egyptian Magic... ... magic.html

I was actually looking for details regarding Hermetic practitioners, especially of house Ex Miscellanea that are in Egypt?

I mean, if you look at the background of Bonisagus' travels (running across the cult of Osiris mage-priests) and the principles of hermetic magic - you'd think there would be a huge following especially in places such as Alexandria, Cairo, etc...

In fact, I can't think of anything that touches on Egyptian Hermetic mages at all.. Coptic or otherwise?

Are there any Egyptian themed traditions within ex Miscellanea? (I haven't seen any) - or is it assumed that the base Hermetic theory is really a collaboration of Greek/Roman/Egyptian aka Alexandrian in the first place?

IIRC, the cult of Osiris for example had quite a lot of followers in at least southern and western Europe, at some point in time. So it probably could use some attention, but i dont think i have seen anything of it in any game material.

I don't think there're any specifically Egyptian magical lineages...

Although, the Milvi Antiquite (HoH: TL pg 98) believe their tradition originated in Ancient Egypt.

It might require some effort and fudges borders a bit, but you might also try creating a homebrew Ex-Miscellanea tradition using Caananite Necromancy as their Free major virtue.

For some reason I can't quite articulate, I also feel that the Arithmetic Mysteries from TMRE would be thematically appropriate as well.

Of course, half the fun of Ars Magica is designing new spell & traditions. If you'd like any help doing so please feel free to ask.

Ancient Magic contains indications about Heron of Alexandria magic.

House of Hermes: True Lineages proposes some spells named after Egyptian gods (Thot especially :wink: ), found in Egypt by the founders and their followers.

However I saw no complete magic theory, like the hermetic or divine ones.