Elementalist NPC's

Hello folks!

I am making an elementalist tradition in my game; a tradition based around divining and bargaining with spirits/elements. While this PC has a possible future in Controlling as well, she's not all the way there yet. I have a few questions if people would be so kind.

Currently the PC (designed to be a companion) is the unGifted hedge mage wife of a pirate, so was considering some issues. She has Divining (Theurgical), Divining (Philosophical), Elemental Air and Water. I want her to be able to detect weather or dangerous currents, possibly speak with storms (see below) as well as deal with intelligent spirits which she can bargain with. I was considering having some kind of restriction (must bargain). I'm not certain how to go about that.

Couple of questions:

  1. The philosophical divination of air 'within a hundred paces' seems a bit odd, as it's probably close enough you can't do much about it if it's that close. I'm not certain what this ability could do, other than the communication below. How would this ability work in practice?

  2. Philosophical divination allows a kind of communing. Does it allow a two-way communication? Can she divine with air and then bargain with it, or would that be for spirits only? I am considering if it would be possible to speak with storms to change their directions for instance.

  3. If she found a bird for instance, she can commune with it; would Bargain work on the creature?

  4. If she finds some spirits, what sorts of bargain rolls might she make? What might be some levels to reach with a die roll to actually change a spirits mind?

  5. What are some appropriate sizes for philosophical divining? There isn't much guidance for sizes that I can find.

Thanks folks!