Elemetal Magic Unleashed

Hi, i am making a Open Call encounter with the Elemental Magic and a Elemental Theurgist in the middle of the encounter.
I had been reading all the Common and the Theurgical Techniques, and i am doaubting.
I understand clearly that with the powers you cand summon; control and banishing, sense and comune; and extract Vis and Might to any Elemetal (Magic Object) and any Elemental Spirit. And the same with Magic Animals and the Phylosofical Elemental Magics. Could the Theurgist work on any Supernatural Being with the Aquam Auram, Ignem or Terram Forms considering them related "Elementals"? Because is said that you can work your powers on Supernatural Beings, but after of that is centered especially on Elementals form the Raw material, no problem, i understand taht there are imperfect Elementals.
Other question, could a Elemental Theurgist or a Elemental Philosopher use Controling to tame unintelligent supernatural beings without any Virtue or Breacktrough? I mean that specially on Philosofical Controlling is clear that one user could use on some way the Technique to work Rego Effects over material and forces presents on the Area.
And... What Hermetic virtues and flaws would you say that could have the Elemtalist taht aren't from core rule book?

As a house-rule, I've allowed a NPC elementalist to tame and train elementals using his Commanding/[Form] lab total according to the rules presented in Realms of Power: Magic, page 81 (which requires no special virtues). I'm not sure it's entirely within the rules, but it seemed very reasonable to me shrugs :neutral_face:

This being an Open-Call project, however, the ultimate decision on this matter would seem to lie with Mr. Chart. My suggestion is to submit your chapter and, if it's accepted, he and playtesters will tell you what to revise in order to keep with the rules.

Ok, thanks.
I had another question, but i don't remember it right now...
Ah, i know, the question: Different Elemental Techniques on a Gifted apprentice to be Opened, count so hard to be opened? And the Forms that are the same?
That question works too for the Folk Witchs and (less) to Gruagrachan.

I'm afraid I don't qite understand the question. If you're talking about initiating a Gifted Elementalist into Techniques that aren't part of his tradition, I've understood it to work like this: Learning a new Technique is a Major Virtue while learning a new (Type) of a Technique you already know is considered to be equivalent to a Minor Virtue. Does that help?

Nop, we'll suppose that a Gifted has learned or have a Virtue of a Elemental Technique and a Elemental Form BEFORE to be opened, both should be treated like Supernatural Virtues/Abilities on the to be opening total or not?

If he is gifted, he will be opened and being opened will receive the full package of his tradition without spending virtues points on it.

If he is not gifted, he will have to suffer ordeals to gain the virtue.

I suspect that ordeals for an ungifted integration will result, if done on a gifted, on a weakening of his gift, preventing later opening. Indeed, the ordeal for ungifted give them elemental virtues for the cost flaws, which, IMO, represent the lack of Gift.
Since he has the gift, but his master was not aware (he must be very bad or have unaffected by the gift virtue to not see it!) , when initiating him in the ungifted way, the master damaged the gift.

I am refering about if theTechnique and Form count against the level for the master opening the apprentice gifty if the Arts are part of the Tradition package.

After rereading the relevant sections of Hedge Magic: Revised Edition, I would have to say "Yes" (See Precocious Girls on pg 44).

Sounds good.

Note that one of the 'rules' of the Open Call is that:


So, remember to make sure that encounter doesn't rely on the troupe having Hedge Magic: Revised Edition in hand.

My problem with my own idea (dunno if it will be submitted or sent to sub rosa in the end) is that I am putting references to 4 other books already! :stuck_out_tongue:

About your thing, unless it is the PCs that are doing the opening I would handwave it: the guy opening the Gift of the theurgist can have a lab total high enough to open it, regardless of how many supernatural abilities the theurgist has. :slight_smile: See? problem solved :slight_smile:


Ok, don't worry, the question weren't part of the adventure, and don't worry. I only need write the beings summoned before and the questons are after the resolution, the Consquences.
After of that, i must say tahnks to all the help.
The encounter it's simple.