Elymas of Tytalus

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Elymas began his apprenticeship under house Jerbiton, where his high presence and gentle gift seemed to make him a natural. As he expressed questions about why magi should support the dominion when the dominion clearly opposes magic however he drew the attention of a Tytalus magus who wanted the apprentice to further the Titanoi, believing he would become a great mystagogue. Elymas however decided to dedicate his life to a different goal- trimming back the overgrown power of the dominion, and in true Tytalus fashion found allies in the covenant of excommuncants and began infiltrating the organization he sought to oppose.

When (out of the 15 years) and how did the change of paret happen?

Probably about year 4.

I see. Did you imagine it as some mutual agreement or how did it happen?

My new parens manipulated my Jerbiton parens into declaring certamen over an issue of honor that the Tytalus did not really care about, then naming the apprentice as his prize if he won, putting the Jerbiton into a no win situation when he realized how far outclassed he was at certamen- or at least out-researched in terms of 'know your enemy", and he had to surrender me to the Tytalus.

Elymas Tytalus

Int 2 Per 0
Pre 3 Com 3
Str -1 Sta 1
Dex -1 Quick -1

Virtues: gentle gift, self confident, personae, skilled parens, subtle magic, quiet magic, quiet magic, improved characteristicsx2

Flaws: driven (replace divine auras with magic auras-major), ambitious(minor), enemies, susceptibility to divine power, uncertain faith, visions

Sigil: roses, whether by color, scent or other association. Voting sigil is a silk rose.

Personaility Traits: skeptical+2, cocky+1, focused +3


ability specialization score XP
Sicillian Calabrese 5 0
charm ladies 2 15
folk ken clergy 2 15
guile avoiding trouble 2 15
intrigue recruiting agents 4 50
personae priests 2 10
magic theory research 5 75
ettiquette high class 2 15
parma magica vim 1 5
finesse mentem 3 30
penetration mentem 3 30


Creo 6 Animal 0 Ignem 0
Muto 6 Aquum 0 Imaginem 0
Intelligo 6 Aurum 0 mentem 9
Rego 6 Corpus 0 Terram 0
Perdo 6 Herbem 0 Vim 4


spell arts level
aura of enobled presence MuIm 10
trust of childlike faith PeMe 10
aura of rightfull authority ReMe 20
frosty breath of the spoken lie InMe 20
sense the nature of vis InVi 5
Demon's eternal oblivion PeVi 15
Exercise the filthy spirit PeVi 15
charm against putrefecation CrCo 10
rising ire CrMe 15
posing the silent question InMe 20
Lamp without flame CrIg 10

Even if this seems to be WIP have some random thoughts:

Parma should have a Form as specialization not a Tech.

Art table doesn’t include Perdo, Herbam, Vim. I suppose Perdo and Vim have some exp in them? Pe 6 and Vi 4?

I am guessing you are still working on virtues and flaws, and will change abilities around to include latin, code, artes etc etc.

Why the finesse and mentem combo? I don’t know any effect that requires them – thought I could of course be forgetting something obvious.

my code conversion from my excel spreadsheet is off by a line, yes Vim and Perdo have scores ( I will fix this later) I have virtues and flaws but was more interested i getting the tables right (which was not 100% successful) given the coding requirements.
I chose mentem with finesse because that is where his focus has been- making sure he gets things just right when he messes with people's minds- keeps false memories more credible for example.

2 personas, #1 Father Sarducci
A friendly priest who might occasionally be mistaken on the finer points of doctrine (the character has no theology skill) he is a kind hearted priest who is very good at providing comfort for his flock, even if his followers have a tendency to have a few more single mothers arise than neighboring parishes, at least he can always provide them with direction to a covenant where they will be sheltered and cared for- this was his first persona developed in his late teens as an apprentice and the exploits of father Sarducci amused his parens. He does not oppose religion or defy it in ways that would invite infernal attention, but subtly undermines faith and the dominion while exploiting its benefits.
Persona has social status: priest and gains the mentor flaw as his activities have also come to the attentions of a cardinal who sees in father Sarducci a potential political pawn within the church.

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Persona 2: Bassanio- this persona is a clever young merchant who managed to marry an older woman left widowed by a partner in a shipping concern. Though the persona originally had the social status of merchant it now has a social status of partner, with the story flaw of unhappily married.

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