Enchanted Items and Voice Range

Hello all,

I'm trying to figure out if I'm misremembering, or if I'm just having trouble finding a rules in the book.

I seem to recall that an enchanted item with Voice range needed to make noise if it was to use Voice range by itself, and not using the voice of the person using it.

Am I correct or nuts, and either way, where is this noted so I can refer to it?



Mari Amthwig's Wand of Bestial Agony (ArM5, pg 100) doesn't make any mention of the need to create sound...

Edit: "Magic items use the wielder's voice; independent items need to be given a voice (CrIM) to use this range". (ArM5, pg 112)

Excellent! Thanks very much.

Hm, I'm curious... if a character had an Imaginem Deficiency or somesuch, and wanted to do something LIKE a voice... say a mild thunderclap with Auram - would that be able to "carry" the magic through the substitute Voice?

Any opinions?


I would say that it would not suffice for casting the spell - "words" are needed for that (short of a Breakthrough, or via some Supernatural Ability - see HoH:Soc/Ex Misc/Creating Supernatural Abilities).

But, possibly, for magical items, a "noise" could carry the magic out (perhaps depending on the specifics).

However, note that an "amplified" voice does not increase Range:Voice, so I would never allow anything louder than "a natural voice" to carry magic farther than a mage's unmodified voice would carry. (A thunderclap, for instance, would not be able to carry a "Range:Voice" effect across the landscape the way that thunder carries long distances.)

There's an item in MoH that uses a 'hum' effect to carry its Voice spell, so it doesn't have to be an actual voice, just a noise of some sort. You could enchant a bell and have the user (or another effect) ring it, or create any other noisy effect you like with any combination of Arts... But really, making noise with CrIm is Base 1, so a Deficiency is no excuse ! Now, Incompatible Arts in CrIm might justify it.