Enchanted items for free?

Hello everyone.

As fas as I have been able to dechipher the rules, it would be possible to create magic items essentially "for free" by repeatedly casting a spell such as "The Enigma's Gift" on a mundane item. (thus causing warping)

Granted, there would be no control over the resulting effect, but it should nevertheless be possible should it not? The resulting items could be useful in some situations such as resisting an item made magical (unless a parma penetrating effect was caused), or making the item appear more valuable to other magi (unless an obvious and silly effect was caused).

Objections? Thoughts?

Certainly you could warp the item but I don't think that it is at all likely that the warping will express itself as a spontaneously generated enchantment. (Not that the results wouldn't be interesting and possibly even valuable) I would say that the items would begin to reflect the caster's sigil.

I don't think that the warped items would bounce off of a parma any more than a fishermen who has gained a warping flaw would.

Yes, I would have to say that the difference between enchanting a device and warping it is in the ritualistic process of instilling powers, via vis, into the fabric of the particular object. Casting Enigma's Gift would merely affect the outward, apparent, structure more than anything else IMO as in a magical taint or other more noticeable structural mutations.

That said, one might also suggest that Enigma's Gift itself, even if cast successfully on a magus wouldn't grant that magus any additional powers. It is rather his/her passing into Twilight and the experience had, good or ill, which confers beneficial powers/abilities or detrimental flaws. Considering that a mindless object would be unable to understand Twilight (if it were possible for such to venture therein) the result should only be a negative effect or permanent disappearance of the object from the material world altogether.

Interesting question however and open, undoubtedly, to a myriad of interpretations.


Well, casting the Enigma's Gift on a magus would of course not increase their power excepting that may they gain understanding from undergoing temporary twilight. Mundane object (or persons) are another matter entierly. The RAW state "At a warping score of 6, and every point thereafter, the character gains a Major Flaw appropriate to the main sources of the warping." so an item with a warping score of e.g. 10 would have the equivalent of two minor flaws, one minor virtue and 5 major flaws. (sounds nasty)

@Erik Tyrell

The argument about bouncing fishermen is certainly compelling, but it makes me wonder what actually happens. If the effects are not magical, they would seem to be related to the essential nature. Does warping bring out or amplify hidden aspects of the fishermans essential nature? I will have to think some more about thisI think.

Perhaps the warping 'breaks' a parts of the essential nature...

I have to confess my ignorance: I had no idea items gained warping points or where even affected by warping. For my reference, can you state which page of the core rules this is on.

If items warp, I'm more interested in how that affects an already enchanted item, rather than the shoes on a grog or the staff in a scholar's hand. Since parma magica doesn't protect against warping points or temporary twilght, are talisman's affected by warping?

Matt Ryan


Breaking the essential nature of an item would violate one of the Major Limits of Hermetic Magic since warping is permanent so this would seem like a bad idea.

@Matt Ryan

The core rulebook mentions warping of objects in a box on page 167. I woulds guess that magical/enchanted items are resistant to warping since they would probably also have some degree of resistance to magic based on the penetration of the instilled effect(s).

Also, who said Parma Magica does not protect against warping? I would think it does - albeit indirectly. Parma protects agains effects which can cause warping so in that sense it does help.

I dont think yo need to worry about enchanted item warpng unless you are in a different aura. A magical device should be atuned to the aura that it's effects deal with. So a normal hermetic device may gain infernal, divine or fairy warping, but wouldn't have to worry about magical. Unless a spell specificaly targets the device you probally wont be in a "hostile" aura long enough to have it matter

um you are talking about warping...who said anything about Hermetic Magic?
If you want to get technical, high level spells warp..this is a breakthrough?


Charged items are free.


Charged items still take a season to create, warping items can be done in a matter of minutes.