Enchanted Items: Shape/Material confusion...

A line from the core book confuses me:

"p.97 Enchanted Item Example: Mari turns her attention to making her wand as a real enchanted item. A wand gives her +4 bonus to destroy things at a distance, which makes it a good choice. Animal Bone also gives a +4 bonus. Unfortunately, Mari's Magic Theory is only 4, so she would get no additional bonus. She decides to stick with wood, which is less conspicuous."

I'm having trouble finding anything about Magic Theory being connected to Shape/Material bonuses, beyond the mention for complexes and talismans, which are different than what is being discussed above.

How could Mari get more of a bonus with a higher Magic Theory?

It is late, and I may be missing something. I do seem to recall Magic Theory rules info being a bit scattered...


The maximum bonus you can get is your Magic Theory.

If the character in the example had a magic theory of 8, she could use the Wand bonus +4 destroy at a distance
Animal Bone bonus of + 4 Destroy Animal

The effect is Perdo Animal at range so both could be applied for a total of +8 for Shape and Material.

If she had a 6 Magic theory she could use +4 from the Shape and + 2 for the Material for a total of +6.

THe limit is formally in the rules on P99, 3rd column, 2nd bullet point.

Thanks, Ladyphoenix and Kallista. I was hunting that rule down and could not find it at the time.

A thousand thanks, gentleladies of magic!