Enchanted Water?

Hello everyone!

A question that popped up while designing a magical item. I've asked the troupe their thoughts about this, but thought this could interest some people here too.

Is it possible to enchant a pool of water as a magical item? My noble's parma tells me nothing against it, and there's the precedent of the Ink of Hermes, yet this feels strange and I'm not sure this'd be possible. And how do these verditii inscribe their runes anyway?

Thoughts? Ideas?

Why not? Well, depends on the final effect, but legends are fiull of enchanted pools and the like. Quite easy to destroy the item, though. A draught might leave you item-less


I don't see why not.

As a troupe it would, I think, be a good idea for all the players to be very clear about what does and does not destroy the item, however.

Like everyone else: sure, why not!

You will want to take care to distinguish between the water being enchanted and the item holding the water being enchanted. With some imagery from The Fellowship of the Ring, you might have a basin with a CrIm effect that activates when water is poured into it, for example. In that case it would be the basin rather than the water that is enchanted, with the water merely being the activation trigger.

Some warnings on enchanting the water:

  1. I don't know what you'd do with Verditius Runes, but that could leave a lot of room for player creativity.
  2. I would think water would be more prone to damage (spilling, evaporation, drinking, ...) than a solid item. This is why I tend to prefer water and the like for charged objects: one drink = one charge.