Enchanting a lab


I seem to recall a thread around the idea of enchanting a lab. I thought I bookmarked it but turns out I did not. All my searching has so far turned up nothing.

Anyone have a pointer to the thread?

I think there has been more than one such threads, what KIND of enchanted lab is it you´re looking for?
Offhand i recall one that was bottom of a lake and a few vague pieces of others that are too incoherent...

It was not a specific lab but a way to put an enchantment into the lab. I seem to recall it created different kinds of labs. But I admit it has been a while.

Is this what you need?
(Copied from Metacreator info)
Minor Mystery Virtue

Hermetic Architecture concerns itself with the construction of large-scale enchantments: of rooms, buildings, or even stone circles. It also deals with the creation of permanent paths and gateways.

One problem that faces many Hermetic enchanters is the problem of fitting the enchanted device into their laboratories. If the device is exceptionally large (a sailing ship) or immovable (a sacred grove), then the magus may be faced with attempting to create a laboratory around the device. At times, even this may not be possible.

The Mystery of Sacred Architecture teaches a number of disciplines, one of which is the placement of several enchanted devices within a larger context, in a particular and necessary pattern, so that the separate devices may be united to work as one, as though the larger whole were enchanted instead.

The Material and Size tables (ArM5, page 97) are extended to determine the amount of enchantment that is required. The Extended Material and Size Table, above, covers giant objects, single large rooms, groves or glades, or a single compact complex “structure.”

Determine the material of the large structure to be enchanted: typically this is wood, earth (soft stone), or hard stone. It is very rare for architectural constructs in Mythic Europe to be made from anything other than these substances.

Multiply Material cost times the Size multiplier of the structure to be enchanted; for example, to enchant a wizard’s tower of ten floors, 10 paces by 10 paces (Size 7), in hard stone is (material 4) = 28 points.

A room is typically able to be enchanted without hermetic architecture. You can use the option of opening the highest vis capacity component of the room. Stone rooms may be tough because stone walls end up having the highest capacity due to the high material score (is material score the right term? I've no books with me) of stone and they're often out of range, but wooden rooms are doable.

Have a circular wooden floor and open it up, then. Quite useful there.

I just envisioned a wooden floor being enchanted to be a talisman. (and being able to turn itself into a smaller thing, of course). How could I have missed that?


In Magi of Hermes the Creo Ignem Flambeau enchants his lab, giving some interesting examples.

You can also enchant items for the lab which have other uses: eg an item to prevent decay with target: room (say CrAn(He) to preserve all animal and plant matter) , grants the free supernatural Virtue "Preserved" to your lab - when placed in a ship's hold can prevent your food from rotting.
(CrAn base 2, CrHe base 2 on pages 50-51 of covenants: so base 2+1 requisite +1 touch range +2 room for level 10, +14 to keep permanently active)
Also the Infinicorpse 1000: an onyx ring designed to produce corpses at touch range, sun duration, unlimited uses: I designed this to create corpses for lab study which conveniently vanish at dawn and dusk and remind the wizard to renew his parma. Also handy for creating ammunition to drop over the side of your flying boat.
(base effect 5, +1 range, +2 sun, +10 unlimited uses, final level 30, by the rules on covenants p131 gives up to 3 points in a speciality, I'm hoping I can put them all in Corpus)

(Honestly, you can't tell I play a Creo specialist in a covenant with a flying boat in my current saga, can you?)

Thanks for the replies so far, but those are not them.

I recall the rules were non-standard (hence in the forums). I remember thinking at the time that they would make an interesting breakthrough. It was not an item, but rather infusing the whole of the lab with some special quality. It is driving me crazy that I am hazy on the details and can't find the post.

Dang me for not bookmarking that post properly.

omg - I think I found it.


Just barely... :mrgreen:

Lol, that ring is funny. ammunition... :laughing:

An alternative if you dont want to risk warping, is to have something that creates ice, ice melts and cools the surrounding, magic freezer. (if you cool the things directly, you again risk warping if the game is strict on that)

Hmm, make it able to store your lab "as is" when its turned small and you have a portable lab as talisman. :smiley:

Ah, that one. Vaguely recall reading through it.

I never thought that the creo was too much more important to him than muto or rego but if memory serves I did have him with creo as the strongest technique early in his career.

We also had a discussion about what else he could do with his laboratory and some discussion regarding the lab personalization rules in general on pages 7 & 8 of this thread: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/e-mail-verification/172/1

Still playing with this idea?

Yes. Our yearly 4 day gaming weekend is this weekend and I will bring it up there. One of the magi is interested. Just need to discuss as a group and see if it fits the saga.

A friend of mine and I have been mulling it over a bit.
We discussed 2 things:

A) Lab as Talisman - you'd need a pretty good Magic Theory score to do the initial investing, but you could simply make your lab into your talisman.
Potentially hold several advantages for a lab-rat magus and you'll never need to worry about having an AC back to your lab.
It'll also be rather tricky to steal your talisman and use it against you for range: AC spells and/or penetration - especially snce your lab is likely to be covered by the covenant Aegis.
B) Sentient Lab - whether through the Awakening (Merinita Mystery) or simply hermetic MuHe(Me), a lab or the area it occupies could be made aware - this is by far easier with a wooden lab, preferbly one made from living trees - MuHe(Te) can always be used to turn them into stone after all.
Or perhaps the lab site already has a Genius Locus you could ally with?

Obviously these aren't mutually exclusive.

And bind as a familiar if you've got the right virtues :smiley: