Enchanting a Living Tree as a Magical Device or Talisman.

page 33 , GotF

[color=darkblue]The Apple has : +01 Longevity , +01 Corpus
Could you enchant an Apple Tree as a Longevity Potion?
(adds +06 to CrCo total after all.)
(+03 Longevity and +03 Corpus.)
(Yes , i know page 101 says it is a Ritual.)
My idea being that the tree would produce one apple that was the actual "potion".
Not a twinky munchkin way of having a "Tree of Youth" for all.
Said tree could be re-enchanted each time you want a Longevity Potion Apple.

Would bits of the enchanted tree be able to be used for the triple bonus
in other enchanted items?
I was thinking any living tree that was fully enchanted
could provide the x03 S&M bonus if it's parts were used in other magic items.

[color=darkblue]The Oak : +07 Protection from Storms.
This would give a +21 bonus to a tree providing a Storm Ward.

[color=darkblue]The Rowan : +04 protection against malicious magic , +01 Vim
A +15 bonus for a Ward against Demonic Magic as one option.

[color=darkblue]The Willow : +04 Restore Limb , +01 Cure Wounds
CrCo Level 25 (page 130) :
Heal a Heavy Wound (gets +03) , Restore a Lost Limb (+12)
CrCo rituals can't be placed in a device.
So , could you enchant the tree to restore a lost limb ,
and then use a CrCo ritual (later) to make it permanent?
Thinking of Vis poor Covenants here.

Any other thoughts?
Think of the fun experimenting when you attempt to enchant a tree!

Another thought ,
if you bound a Magical version of a tree as a Familiar ,
can it provide an S&M bonus? :mrgreen:

I really like the Apple of Youth concept.


I'm not sure if all this ritual-as-an-item thing works, or how S&M bonuses work with longevity potions by the RAW. I'll do some reading tonight.

In the rules as writen S&M bonuses cannot provide bonuses in excess of the magic theory of the magus doing the enchanting (the lead magus if it is a team).

If you don't change something in the rules (such as inserting a new mystery initiation virtue to allow the character to break this limit) it is not probable that any character could make use of a +21 shape and material bonus while enchanting an item.

Talismans (IIRC, you might want to double check me) allow the addition of any one applicable attuned shape or material bonus to a casting score so a Rowan tree talisman could provide either a +12 protection from malicious magic bonus or a +3 vim bonus to a given roll but not both simultainiously.

So you have to be [color=darkblue]ArchMagus Theorius Upthe Wazooatus
with virtues in Magic Theory to even remotely consider these options.
No wonder such things are rare.

Heres hoping that Mysteries helps (i wont take book on it though).

Well you'd need to be [color=darkblue]ArchMagus Theorius Up the Wazooatus to take full advantage of it. Getting bonuses of 6 or 9 rather than 2 or 3 is really quite a significant boost.

I started to run an aborted Rhein tribunal game a few years ago and there was a PC maga who made her lab inside of a tree. Making the tree into her talisman would have been perfect for her.

I think enchanting plants is a really cool idea.

You could invent a lineage of magi that specialise in it, and they could have a covenant that is basically a wood, or a park.

You could even enchant the animals.


One of our vis sources are golden walnuts. My herbam specialist planted one. He's going to bind it as his familiar.

In our second session of our present game one of the Maga picked up and acorn of Herbam vis and planted it. A year and a half later the tree disappeared into what appears to be a regio (in our covenant!!) that none of the magi have figured out how to access in the interveining two years.

I suppose that it's a common enough occurence; the storyguide asks themself "what form should the herbam vis take?" and decides on a seed. the players think "what can I do with a magical seed?" and decide on the obvious choice of planting it.

True. Makes me think I should try to include more forms of vis that you can so something with.

Just wondering what approaches the magi have been using to investigate this?

Well we initially scoured the covenant with all four versions of piercing the (realm) veil. But this reveiled no further information (the SG went a bit beyond the printed rules ad told us that the spells showed evidence that a magical regio boundry had existed at the location of the tree and was no no longer there.

Basicly we've found nothing in the area since that time that we can investigate

My character (the intellego specialist) borrowed several birds from our mercere animal specialist's menagere and moved them around the covenant. By using cerimonial magic he is able to grant each bird the ability to sense regio boundries by feel (duration ring with the bird cage in the ring). Regio boudries will feellike dozens of hungry cats playing with the bird. One bird is always placed where the tree disappeared, the others are spread throughout the covenant.

Our hope is when a regio boundry reappears a bird will freak out and we'll be able to react. It's not swiss watch style precission but we're all just out of apprenticeship and we do what we can.

The long term plan is to use posing the silent question on the ghost that seems to know what's going on. Sadly the ghost hasn't ever appeared visably to allow us to see his eyes and cast a range eye spell on him.

My character is concentrating on raising his mentem score and either developing a spell to allow him to see ghosts or developng a range AC versionof posingthe silent question. the later tool would be more useful but we may be unable to wait that long.(We do have an indefinate duration AC and know the ghost's true name so once we develop tyhe tools to manipulate the ghost, I don't anticipate any problem applying them).


Detect Regio boundries base 3 +1 touch +2 ring +1 touch(sense target) +1 = level 20

Teh character who's trying to cast this spell; intellego 19, vim 4, stamina 1, phiosophe 2, artes liberales 2, Aura 5 =33 + die roll so he still needs a seven or better to get the spell off. (If only he had time to attune a talisman, there's so much to do and so little time).