Enchanting tatoos

New questions with the new book. Basically in the Criamon section they have a short blurb about enchanting tatoos. The important thing it says at the end is that since the range is Personal, it doesn't cause Warping. My question then, is that the way around Warping? Granted there is a limit on how much space you have, but basically a magus could enchant a tatoo to increase a stat or give a soak bonus with contsant effect (using the enchanted items rules for constant effect) and make a Muto enchantment permanent with no warping.

As an example, I'm making a Criamon on the Path of Strife as an NPC, tatoos like this could give him a bonus to soak, and stat bonuses without extra Warping.

Sound right? Not trying to argue, just looking to make sure I'm reading it right.

Hrrrm, OK. This is our first erratum. I do apologise for my lack of clarity.

Effects carefully designed for the person, which include tattoos, do not cause Warping for being Powerful Magical Effects. So, if you have your tatoo make you fly/breathe fire/speak with the dead/wahtever less than half the time, you don't warp.

Effects that are continuous (being defined as active and targetting the magus at least half the time) still do cause warping, yes, even if they are carefully designed as personal items.

This is from ArM page 168.

Cool, OK thanks (can I get credit :wink: ).

On a related subject, it states in the rules for creating magi after apprenticeship that a magus typically gets 2 Warping points per year (page 32), 1 is obviously from Longevity Ritual, but what is the second one from? Average wear-and-tear?

What is the second one from? Average wear-and-tear?

That seems like a reasonable guess, IMO.