Enchanting the familiar bond

Hi everyone, as far as I know, effects enchanted into the familiar bond don't cause warping. Even for long-term duration effects.

So, why doesn't every magus with a familiar enchant stat boosting effects into them? Gift of Reason, always on. Gift of Perception, always on etc.
A magus could have a characteristic in almost everything, thanks to his familiar.

Have I missed something?

Because it's cheaper to do it as R: Personal D: Momentary rituals. Can't be dispelled or supressed either.
And since spells you cast on yourself don't cause Warping for being high levels, it'll still be Warping-free.

Plus you can cast the ritual several times since the magic has ended so you're not duplicating an effect on yourself.

For example, let's say your Intelligence is -3 (yes, low for a magus). You could invent a level-35 ritual with T: Circle and cast it 3 times for 21 pawns of vis shared between all those involved (ignoring possible savings from several methods). Or you could invest it in the bond, using +2 Sun; +1 2/day, +3 Environmental Trigger to make the modified level 49. The invested effect would cost you 5 vis, which is likely more than you paid for a single casting after sharing the ritual, and would only bring you to Intelligence -2 instead of Intelligence 0.