Enchantment Suppression

OK, I'm away from my books and am trying to figure this out...

1a/ Is it possible to suppress the magical effect of an enchantment if it's already active.
1b/ Is it possible to suppress a magic item so that it cannot initiate a magical effect.

2a/ Are magical items affected by the Realm Interaction Table?
2b/ If so, when under an aura that affects them in a negative manner, if that effect is greater than the +Penetration of the effect, is the effect - A: Cancelled, B: Reduced in Penetration, C: Ongoing?

3/ Can these be done for a duration rather than the ritual / permanent option in the main rulebook (IIRC)

Also, if an effect has effective negative penetration, how does that operate?


1a/ yes, use either Suppressing the Wizard's Handiwork (ArM5, p. 162) if t's you own spell, or the guideline on HoH: S, p. 129, box upper right corner) if you are not the caster.

1b/ more tricky...

As I understand: 2a/ yes, 2b/ B

Pardon? No permanent effect n this edition (as such), and besides that, I'm not even sure what you're asking?

Ah, sorry!
What i write isn't necessarily the best way to explain it...
In the main book ArM5, under PeVi spells there is a Disenchant ritual. Name escapes me, but may be disenchant.
I am trying to figure out if you can disenchant an object for eg moon, rather than destroy it, and if that will prevent its activation of new effects, and what happens to effects active at the time.

I play a verdi and i'd rather not kill the items.

Having said that, why waste vis on disenchant rather than simply breaking the item?
Or will we end up with some rod of seven parts style adventure?


Yes, same as any other effect. The effect has a level and a penetration. Use the regular guidelines to dispell (Perdo) or suppress (Rego) a magical effect.

Again, Perdo or Rego Vim effects may be able to do this.

For example, Aegis of the Hearth states that "Effects from enchanted devices are resisted by the Aegis unless the item was within the Aegis at the time of the casting, or was created within the Aegis by someone who was part of the ritual or in possession of a token." The exact mechanics of when the effect is completely suppressed are unclear, however.

Other spells could be designed specifically for this.

Yes, it reduces or increases the Penetration of the magical effect.

That's up to the troupe. There might be a treshold between "Reduced in Penetration" and "Canceled".

Depends on how the suppressing effect is designed. A ReVi spell would suppress the effect for its duration. A PeVi spell could cancel a single activation of the effect if it's D:Mom, or any effect activated during its duration if longer than Mom.

ArM5 p.82: "The penetration total may be zero or negative. ... If the penetration is zero or negative, the spell cannot affect any target with magic resistance, even if the score of the magic resistance is 0."

I think that we've pretty much covered it!
Thanks folks, I have to remember to bring my books when I cat sit. :frowning: