Enchantments and Species

Hi all,
To explain my situation, I have a character who has Inscription on the Soul, and uses her spirit as her talisman. Enchanted into this talisman, is an InVi effect that allows to see (T:Vision) currently active magics. She also owns another enchanted item in the form of a spear. If I were to enchant said spear with a PeVi effect, would it be able to target the spells she perceives (or would it need to perceive them independently)? Additionally, if the PeVi effect had R:Sight, would the spear also need to be given the ability to see, or would it use the wielder's senses?

I would allow the magus to use the device as intended, not requiring the spear to see. Otherwise ranges on magical items become essentially useless, especially on lesser enchanted devices and charged items since those don't hold multiple effects the way invested devices do.

Serf's Parma, but I believe that equipment with Voice and Sight range uses the magus's own voice and sight when he manually activates the item. And yes, I'm pretty sure perceiving things through a spell counts as actually perceiving them, like your magically enhanced eyes seeing a lingering spell or power. (Though that doesn't allow you to use Sight-range spells while using, say, Enchantment of the Scrying Pool, since you're only perceiving the target's image and the target isn't actually in the place you're looking.)


So, it's only effects that have to trigger by themselves that need to perceive trigger conditions (and targets), is that about right?

That's the way I see it.