Enchantments vs Casting Requisites

How do people treat casting requisites when enchanting items?

Personally, I tend to require them as hard requisites, but without adding magnitudes. But that does not always seem the case in RAW.

For example, The Enchanted Porter (Covenants p.52) is based on the spell The Unseen Porter, but makes no mention of requisites. Does that means the items gets this for free, or is the enchantment limited to Terram-based objects?

I would think the requisites would effect the lab total used to create the item. Once created, if some requisite was left out it should be noted in the item's description... for instance Severus of Tytalus's Enchanted Porter can't move wood because his Herbam score was only a 2, but Bellisante of Jerbiton's Enchanted Porter can move anything because she had a better lab total.

I agree. If you want your enchantment to work on additional Forms, you have to take them into account when calculating the Lab Total, as if they were Casting Requisites: no extra magnitude, but they do limit the Arts used...