Ent-like animated trees?

Is there anywhere in canon where an animated tree was described and statted?

I think I read this once, but I am uncertain if it was for ArM5. There are so many books to go through.
I keep thinking it was a magical tree Familiar enchanted with something like "Lord of the Forest" ReHe.

Just checking, ArM5 no longer lets Bjornaer have plant heartbeasts, does it? So it would't have been a Great Beast (Great Tree?).

HOH:MC pg 22 has a sidebar on plant heartbeasts, but is described as being not useful, as they are mundane "noble" plants. I.e: trees and mystical herbs. (Heartbeasts can't be things with might)

ROP:M pg 129 has stats for an ent like creature, which is an awakened tree enchanted by lord of the forest.

That sounds like it might be what I was trying to remember. I will check those references.
Thank you

Herisson's Garden in Legends of Hermes has some statted plants.

Mythic Locations has the Cursed Woods and the Truffle Matron sections, with corrupted and awakened trees.

RoP:Faerie displays a "spirit of the forest" creature living in Novgorod Tribunal, with a short mention there is a smaller version in Basque country. It is a spirit being, able to take human, beast or plant forms, but it may fit with the kind of powers you seek.

I'm sure House Merinita grants guidelines to "awaken" plants.

You may look the Herbam elementals/spirits in RoP:Magic too.

(I'm preparing an article about typical supernatural trees in Mythic Europe but nothing official)

Mythic Location/The Cursed Woods have corrupted oak, pine, and willow which will just eat up your grogs. They may be suitable as static enemies and obstacles as written.But to be animated, mobile, and sentient they need changes.
I can't think of any examples in books which are just like Ents. I guess Mythic Europe considers walking trees more strange than trees which can just talk.

The one on RoP:M p129 is accompanied by text saying "These statistics should be used for trees affected by spell such as Lord of the Trees or Calling the Council of the Trees (ArM5 page 139)" so if you're using Rego magics or control by a spirit, this is perfect.