Entering the Hall of Heroes and Godslaying

Following the not-at-all-unanticipated termination of my Diedne Tremere, I have considered rerolling as a mystery cultist, with my long-term End of Game Content goal being to ascend to Pagan Godhood. Obviously, this is a hell of a lot of work. You need to get the virtue, develop a cult, hide from questorites, etc. It's all good fun. But my question is -- is there any point, when it might actually make me easier to kill?

A deity is, by definition, immortal. Your cult however, is not, and without them (or someone else to summon you) your trapped in your other plane, unable to influence the mortal world. Given that the arrival of a few Pagan Deity is announced by new stars appearing in the sky, you'd think there would be plenty of forces that would look at this warning and institute immediate Hunt/Kill programs -- House Tremere, the Church, possibly even other gods or the Leigon of Mithras.

Given that, ascending to godhood seems to be asking for it -- your effectively poking half the western world in the eye and saying "Come and get me!" And even with End of Game Content, that's just a bad idea.

Thoughts and possiblites?

I don't see why finding godhood would necessarily make you enemies. What do House Tremere, other gods or the Leigon of Mithras have to gain from your destruction?

House Tremere wants to keep Pagan Gods out of the order thanks to the Diedne, and this definitely qualifies. The Leigon of Mithras would come after me if they percieve this as a threat to the order as a whole.

Don't worry. By the time your character actually achieves godhood, the game will be almost over anyhow. For that particular "end game" the getting there is most of the fun. After that, it the games still going on, you're best bet is to write the char off the NPC hood and go pick up his apprentice (maybe one who's goal is to kill the new god...)