Entering Twilight while unconscious and incapacitated

The following scenario just happened in our game: Maga botches a ritual, they have enfeebled which means they lose the full 5 fatigue levels and then took an incapacitating wound from the runover and triggered Twilight.

How does that interact with the rolls to resist and comprehend Twilight? Do they not get to roll for resistance because they're unconscious? Do they get to roll to comprehend? Do they have the fatigue penalty? Do they have a wound penalty for being incapacitated and if so what is it?

We ended up ruling on not getting to roll resistance, but her consciousness got whisked away to Twilight momentarily (still below 1 Warping score) so she got to roll to comprehend because time is weird and wild in the Twilight so she got to roll to comprehend after having enough time for her mentem spiritness to recover.

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IMO the twilight would affect them first though I’d agree they aren’t allowed to try and resist the twilight because that would require staying awake for 2 minutes.

Ooh, yeah, I can see that.

In the first Ars Magica saga I ran, I had a plot to get rid of their 'educational guidepost' NPC, and when the infernalist villain magically stopped his heart, a player fast-Cast warping onto him to try and stop his dying.

The players had no idea if he would be able to get out of twilight again, but they spend a good amount of research trying to set up magical prep to save him if he reappeared safely.

Anyway, my ruling would be let them roll to comprehend twilight if they're a player, but they wouldn't likely get to resist it, since they don't have the two minutes needed to control their magic.

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I accept Twilight has to exist, otherwise magi could nearly live forever, however, in play it can be brutal.

Unless you have a fast running saga, or a saga where non-magi are front and centre often, a bad twilight could remove a player from doing anything meaningful for many game sessions.

I'd allow a resistance roll and a comprehension roll. Twilight is a big enough train wreck, kicking the player when they are down seems needless overkill. And they are definately down....

Unless you've got a specialist healing mage and a willingness to use some vis, that incapacitating wound is already harshing that player's year.

If justification for the gentler interpretation is needed, one could do "I'm the storyguide, respect my authoritie", or do the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey Dr Who aspect of Twilight to justify it.