Enthusiastic Semi-Noob

Looking For: ArM5 campaign, any Tribunal (though particularly like Rome) and any role. Particular interest in high politics and/or Faerie focused;
Type of Game: Play by Post (on forum or other non-realtime media);
Commitment: I'm able to post at least 4 times per week, probably more and likely daily;
Experience: 20 years RPing experience but a relative noob to Ars Magica (played one brief campaign of ArM4 under an experienced ST and now currently trying my hand at STing an ArM5 game for other recent converts. We are on session 20). I do however, have most of the books.

About Me: I wont bore you by droning ad nauseam. I'm happy to answer any questions - correction any non-incriminating questions. :confused: But in general I like stories which involve intrigue, politics, character depth and a touch of mystery. I also enjoy using canon history though with a story which is free to effect the "future".

I look forward to hopefully gaming with you soon.