"Entry level" covenant book: ROLL CALL

The Library of Wiggon's Kiln is now complete.

As this is a covenant that fell into Winter, the content of the library is uneven -- some books are great but many are just ok. And since I determined that it was mostly gutted when magi started leaving the covenant, there aren't many good books left.

As for authors, most of the names come from supplements I own, or magi of the covenant.

Boons and hooks added to Iusto Foedere. Library in the process of compilation, but a game of Real Life Work has intervened and made the work speed somewhat slower than I would have liked.
tira1d6.wordpress.com/2013/12/03 ... and-hooks/


Usually when something is unfinished at the end of November I stop there, because the time constraint is part of the competition I enter.

This time though, I'm going to keep working on this.

Sorry if I seemed to flake out. I signed into an online TAFE course, handed over my $1600 and the materials are just rubbish. Vital notes for finishing assignments buried in answers to student questions on the student forums. No rubrics. Materials which literally say "Do course 1, then do course 0" and others which say "Do formative exercise 2, then 3, now 1", letters from the vendor saying the course should take a month (do one a month to get 10 done in a year), with other letters from the course co-ordinator saying this should take three months. Assignments which say "Don't do the assignment until you have done the formative assignment" and when you turn to the formative assignment it says "Do your assignment first." All in all, its a perfect example of why you shouldn't start with boilerplate text and then write your materials with little edits here and there. I've been in MOOCs that were better organised.

Tonight I put in my first two assignments, which total 90 pages in 11 point text (and were designed to be written concurrently) and we'll see if I pass, or just chalk the whole thing up to experience and get on with my life, but the mixed time estimates (get it done by Christmas? Get it done by Valentine's Day? What?) have had me pushing my class so hard I've been making myself ill over it, so I haven't had time to work on Ars.)

...but now I'm back. Statting up people starts tomorrow. 8)

So, stats for the specialists are up.

I'm starting to run out of steam on this. I don't feel like statting up the magi, so I may ju8st pilfer some from somewhere else.

I do not thinkl you need to stat up the magi. They will be PCs after all. For NPCs you can simply use a MoH character straight away, or an adaptation of one of them. This is what I intend to do. A playable covenant does not need stats for everyone. :slight_smile:


So, the companions are now statted up. timothyferguson.wordpress.com/ep ... inas-rest/

I was going to stat up the three older magi in the covenant, but, yes, they seem to take an awful lot of work for not a great deal of story return.


:arrow_right: EDIT: URL deleted. See that post instead.

The "Covenants Book" .pdf has been updated…

Maps have been added, but not already entirely map-keyed.

Beware: this .pdf is still a Work In Progress File… Just for you to make your own idea about the thing! Please note images have been compressed to make file lighter (won't be the case in final file).

I'd suggest not to overly rely on Magi of Hermes, as this work is supposed to be usable with just the core book. You can provide a general description of the magus and refer to MoH for example stats that suit him, of course. But I suggest to try to provide self-contained descriptions, and not to populate the place with magi that starting SGs will find difficult to create. (It's best to provide full stats, but that is indeed quite difficult. Partial stats would still be nice, if you're up to it - anything from a few Personality Traits to signature spells with their casting total.)

Yes, that was m idea. Partial stats. And familiars. I have found familiars painfully lacking in officially published magi so far

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