Eochaid Ua Aland

this character seems to have 7 points in flaws and 11 points in virtues, or has spent 50 experience points on faerie sympathy and antipathy that he didn't have (or was 30 points short on) and was not, in the case of sympathy, able to spend... if you could start by marking you faerie sympathy/antipathy as either major or minor we can go from there...

I have neglected to put in the excel sheet for which the character is based off in the wikidot. I have corrected this and also labeled the virtues. My bad.

enchantment is also a major virtue, which puts your flaws at 7 points and virtues at 11.

also I do not have access to your spreadsheet.

the spreadsheet shows that you havespent an extra 10 points in leadership, and shows your point values for enchanting and conjuring as being 5 high on each. based on what you wrote for your character instead of the spreadsheet, I now have you as 5 points under on your abilities:
Gaelic(0); Charm (30); Folk Ken (15); Guile (30); Brawl(5); Awareness(15); Leadership(15); Artes Liberales (5); Latin (75); Faerie Lore (30); Penetration (30); Profession: Minnesinger (75); Craft: Poetry (30)
for a total of 425 where you should have 430

I've fixed the xp issue with leadership on the spread and will find an ability to put the 5 points into.
Should gaelic be my native language or is there another more appropriate language?

gaelic is most likely, English is also possible.

You claimed to have fixed this, but I don't see any changes. here is my calculations of the ability costs: Gaelic 0; Charm 30; Folk Ken 15; Guile 30; Brawl 5; Awareness 15; Leadership 15; Artes Liberales 5; Latin 75; Faerie Lore 30; Penetration 30; Profession: Minnesinger 75; Craft: Poetry 30; enchantment 45; conjure 25; faerie sympathy:performers 0