Éogan the Envious Bard

First, Enchanting music does give you the ability at 1 as part of the virtue- you have paid 50 points where you only need to have paid 45- this is a legitimate choice if you want to keep it but I want to at least point that out.

by experience in abilities this character is 10 points short of age 24, and master Bard requires a minimum age of 25, meaning you need to put at least 25 more points into abilities- I would suggest either teaching or craft:poetry, as one of these is likely to describe your professional obligation for 2 seasons a year as a master bard.

Thanks for point out the superfluous 5xp, I'll move them.

In my calculation, I have 45xp for early childhood, 300xp for 20 years (age 25), and 240xp for master bard, for a total of 585xp, and that's what I get when I add it up. What's the total you arrive at?

What is the difference between Craft: Poetry and Profession: Poet? The latter is emphasised by the virtues, and it would be strange if Craft: Poetry be needed as well. I may have to revise the entire portfolio of Profession abilities, depending on how you use the two.

profession:poet is the profession of reciting poetry, knowledge of the body of work, etc. craft:poetry is the skill of creating new poems.
I get 560 points in abilities, and I literally cut and pasted the values you have on the page- did you put something into the design that you forgot to put on the wiki?

I get 585xp every time I recount from the wiki version. Is it possible that you missed the last two lines in your copy?

Anyway, I'll review the use of profession and craft abilities before it is final.

I had the last 2 lines, my spreadsheet didn't add them because it didn't take into account having that many abilities... you are correct on the totals- I can take the character as written or you can make changes based on my observations and recommendations.

I have shuffled quite a lot around, including changing puissant profession for puissant enchanting poetry.

I think it is ok now.