Epic Dungeoneer

Looking forward to this. Any artwork or sneak peeks of the cards?


All I can tell you is that it's right on schedule. We received and approved the card proofs on Friday, May 12th; and the updated rules sheet today.

Mean, John, thats just mean....

How about the mini's? Can you tell us about them?


I've seen one of the "greens" of the Elf Assassin, she looks pretty amazing. I'm very picky about these things, but even I was impressed.

I'll see if I can coordinate with Atlas Games to get some sneak peeks of cards and stuff up. We're still 6 weeks away from the release of the Epic set.

:open_mouth: mini's? what mini's?

aberrant games is making dungeoneer minatures...



For that to be scheduled for summer release, there sure isn't much (none actually) information on that site about this.

Theoretically, Dungeoneer mini's sound nice. Can't wait to see something describing it.