Epidauros summer 1187

Margerie brightens, not fully understanding but getting the gist.. "Walking good! Not get sick! But get lost. Someone know way?"

"Of course! It's a major city and there's only one road between Corinth and Athens." He says confidently to reassure her... failing to remind her that the goal there will be to find a merchant ship and book passage. "Hold on while I go get some... er, supplies."

Markos runs off not waiting for a reply to try and gather the funds necessary for passage on a ship.

Antonio Zoccarato

Antonio, already experimenting with magic, was not as thrilled as he once would have been with Margerie's lessons. Even so, she had his rapt attention as the spell of Salerno had yet to be dispelled. The fact she was quite beautiful was helpful in that manner, too, but he knew by now that she reacted poorly to flirting. It didn't mean he had given up, of course. The game had simply taken on a new form.

As the three searched for a ship Antonio had a thought. "Are there any Venetian ships in dock?"

To be fair, loannes would have died from the run had it not been for magical intervention when he arrived- pledging your life in service to the magi tends to get that kind of reaction. For a less motivated traveler the trip normally takes 3 days.


So are there any Venetian ships, or Venetian merchants that Antonio could talk to?

where? Are you assuming you are in Athens or Epidauros? There are no Venetian ships at Epidauros.


I assumed we were travelling together. My mistake.

you are together, the question is which docks you were asking about, and whether anything happens in three days travel to Athens.
Fortunately your magus is gently gifted, which makes social issue less likely.


Any dock they come across, really. Worst case scenario Antonio might be able to get information from a passing Venetian ship about a ship that could take then to Alexandria. Best case he finds a ship that is heading where they are, and Antonio can convince them to let them board for the voyage.

As for problems: he is probably acting flirtatious with young girls, so you could trigger that as a complication.


Morkos assumes the bursar knows what passage on a ship costs and returns quickly to the group with a smile on his face. "Well the only thing left, young master, Doctor Margerie, is to gather some food and head towards the Great City of Athens. Though we can definitely stop at the docks in Corinth to see if passage can be booked there."

A days travel takes you to Corinth without incident, despite being a hard days travel, and to a comfortable inn. While there are Venetian ships in the harbor, Corinth is on the Gulf of Corinth tot he northern side of the land, and it is 4 miles from the Aegean sea by land, so taking a ship here will not shorten your journey. getting a message sent may be productive, depending on where it goes, or how long the rest of your travels take.


Markos, when situated at the inn, says to his fellow travelers, “young master, Margerie, this has been a wonderful journey so far. The heat not so bad, the food tastes fantastic, though that could be my hunger from from such an active day, and I have been allowed to share it with you. The farthest I have been from Epidauros since I was brought there as an infant.” He exhales contentedly and smiling at his companions takes another bite, chews, and swallows. “Perhaps there is something more we could do from here, send a message? I know both of you know your letters and have good ideas in those heads of yours.”

You note that others at the inn are traveling merchants, here to buy goods from the shipments coming in at Corinth to resell at more distant markets.

Margerie looks at Markos. "Could you ask them for advice? The easiest way to get to... um... whereever the covenant of Alexandria is?"


it is 4 miles from the Aegean sea by land, so taking a ship here will not shorten your journey.

What you're saying is basically that Corinth is on the wrong sea, right?

"Smyrna, Alexandria is near Smyrna," Markos says, "but that is a good idea... though a pretty face might be more use in this than a mere cripple." As Markos raises his appendage slightly.

Margerie shakes her head. "I no talk good greek. Plus I scared a little." She gives him a bright, encouraging smile. "You can do it!"


Looking at Constantine and realizing he’ll get the same answer, Markos stands and approaches the nearest group of merchants. “Good evening gentlemen, my companions and I are trying to get to the beautiful city of Smyrna and, well, to be quite honest, none of us has gone to Smyrna before or done much traveling in general and we would be quite grateful for any advice a group of obviously successful merchants could offer.”

The men look around at each other, one of hem volunteers "You'll want a ship from Athens, not sure who takes what to or from Smyrna." another looks at your group warily "I know some merchants traveling to Athens, its always safer in a group, especially on this road. Lots of trade means lots of bandits. Which of course is also the problem. How did that happen?" he tilts his head towards Markos' arm.


Markos tries to make his arm less noticeable but, now that someone has pointed it out, probably just draws further attention to it. "It was how god, in his infinite wisdom, made me. And traveling in a group does sound much better, my companions and I would be happy for an introduction. By the way, I am Markos. If there is some way I might repay this kindness..."

The merchants glance at each other given Marcos reply, then one by one the shrug before one tells you "don't have time for an introduction, but word gets around. If you show up at the warehouse tomorrow morning, well you'll still need to convince them to let you come along. If you really were born that way it'll probably make it easier if you let them examine your, you know. no bandit would recruit someone born that way, though many a bandit has wound up with a hand deformed or severed by combat."