Epidauros summer 1187

during a season of experimentation, master Argus is lifted from the ground and surrounded by a blue and gold light, which seems to hold him immobile- he has entered temporary twilight for an uncertain amount of time. he has left instructions that in the event of such an occurrence Antonio should be fostered to a previous apprentice, and has left a list of where to find them. What he has not done is actually made the arrangements...
before we begin the adventure lets get a roll call of participants and make sure they are all ready.

Since Trintion won't be in a story for a moment I can whip out that orderly/nurse/palliative care grog I listed. He's a helpful fellow and has been at Epidauros most of his life so likely has at least met a previous apprentice of Argus.

Margerie present.

Markos Paramorfoménos (the Misshapen) has been added to the Epidauros section of the Grog pool for approval. I've created him so that he's up to date at the start of this adventure.

Oh, darn! The Badger has vanished into Twilight. Antonio is ready and mostly willing (even if he would rather just stay in Epidauros and read the entire library).

Marcos and Marjorie both recall the past apprentice of Argus, a young woman who now goes by Leandra of Bonisagus, had intended to head out with the court of fools and research potential breakthroughs in prognostication. Exactly where the court of fools is at the moment is less certain...

Markos is a short [size 0], dark haired man that feels like he must be older than his twenty-nine years. He looks quizzically at Marjorie and says, "Leandra... if she's at the Court of Fools she could be anywhere out there..." gesticulating in various northerly directions with his misshapen hand. Then, looking at Antonio, "You wouldn't happen to know when the next Redcap will arrive? Do you, young master?" And looking back towards Marjorie, "No folk from there are currently here convalescing, are they?"

[I'm aware that SomeBlueGolem probably has no clue but with all the mail Antonio has been getting he might...]

Margerie looks confused. "Um... What is Court of Fools?" She speaks an odd mix of contemporary and classical greek, with the occasional latin thrown in in desperation. "I can ask stars location if you have birthday and name."

"Oh, I forgot. You are new here. The Court of Fools is another covenant, but it moves from place to place but not in any set pattern."

the next redcap will probably be around in the fall.

Antonio Zoccarato

Antonio sighed. When he had suggested to Xene that they correspond he had expected a letter a few times a year. Xene had quickly proved a far more prolific letter writer than he had expected. "The next Redcap will be here in the autumn," he said with a sense of dread. After all, he couldn't not read her letters, and he certainly couldn't not reply. Not least because she would write twice as many letters asking why he hadn't replied. "Will the Redcap really know where the Court of Fools is?"

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Margerie smiles at Antonio. To him, she speaks Latin. "Some Redcap has to, in order to do their job, right? So what is the most efficient path? Wait here for the Redcap, hoping he or she has a way to track the Court? Go and find the Court? Or go and find the Redcap? Is there a better option?" Her eyes twinkle. "If we go directly to the Court, there may be some delay in correspondence being forwarded..."

Frowning, slightly, at Margerie’s rudeness in using a language only he doesn’t know, Markos says, “Oh dear, autumn is much too late. By that point it will already be getting cold on the mainland. We need to inform one of the other masters, perhaps one of them has an idea of how to find the Court of Fools. And schedules will have to be rearranged, someone will need to check on Master Argus at least daily in case his condition changes...” and he trails off in the verbal list but is obviously trying to think of every possible issue that having a magus unavailable for a possibly extended period time might entail.

Noticing his look, Margerie glances down, a little ashamed, and speaks in her odd Greek. "Sorry, Markos. I try help Antonio practice Latin. I..." she blushes, "I not like speaking bad."

She looks at them both. "You want me speak masters? Old Greek better than new Greek."

A look of 'oops' crosses Markos' face. "Oh, it is no concern, of course helping the young master improve his languages is very important and I would be more than happy to help you improve your new Greek... when we have time, of course. I'll go find a master now."

A master can be found in their lab, but it is far safer to approach them at meal time. They assign a servant to keep an eye on Argus, and suggest you head for Alexandria to see if they have any idea where the Court of Fools would be this time of year.

Antonio Zoccarato

Antonio smiled at Margerie in a sympathetic manner. His modern Greek was better than hers, but not by much. In Latin, Venetian, or ancient Greek he could speak eloquently, and it made it all the more painful to struggle speaking modern Greek. The thought of visiting Alexandria perked him up immediately, though.

"I think the master's suggestion a good one," he said in ancient Greek. "It might be good if we both worked on our modern Greek," he added in Latin for Margerie. "I don't have a master's understanding of Latin, but I never had a problem reading Latin texts."

Transitioning back to ancient Greek he spoke to Markus. "If you would be willing to teach, I would be willing to learn. Until I find my master's former apprentice I doubt I will have a chance to study much else."

Margerie nods, her expression a strange mix of delight and dread.

"Travel... umm... make sad, but see Alexandria make happy. Marko, you arrange travel? I make medicine for not-sad travel. Antonio, you come, learn."

Shaking her head in frustration, she reverts to Latin, and begins explaining various remedies for motion sickness as she leads Antonio to the herb storeroom, spending the next couple of hours preparing medicines to assuage seasickness.

OOC: She doesn't have a formula for this, so she's just putting together some helpful herbs. Willow bark and the like.

Marko gets to the docks to find that all of the ships are already commissioned and unavailable on such short notice.

Marko, disappointed and at something of a loss looks to Margerie then Antonio... Silence then, "Perhaps the Port near Athens has a ship going to a port near there and we can book passage... Ioannes ran from Athens in under a day." Obviously unsure how long it would take them walking and not knowing the way.