Errata for Over The Edge 2nd. ed. book

New player to OtE, therefore reading the books for the first time.
During this, I noticed some missing text: "In recent years a rumor has arisen that some members of the faculty", therefore I wonder if there at one point in time was an errata for this?

Missing text is on p. 86 under the Faculty headline.


Hey there! Mysteriously, the rest of that sentence has not been revealed via errata. I went back into our archives and this line was added to the Second Edition (it's not in the First Edition entry of D'Aubainne University). Curiouser and curiouser! Given the nature of Al Amarja, you could handily complete this rumor by using any conspiracy or faction you wanted — the Sommerites, the Kergillians, the Pharaohs, whoever — and more or less be on the right track. Especially, consider a faction that wants to control or manipulate belief and/or knowledge.