Errata on specific schticks

Pain Eater: What's the range? Say two teams are fighting in a building and they're on different floors.

Abilities like Justice Bringer and Borderline Psychopath:
Is the bonus cumulative with multiple targets? For instance, A maverick cop attacks two known murders with a single attack. Do they get a +2 bonus or a +4 bonus (+2 for each target)?

Beard of the Dragon w/ Tail of the Dragon: Does Beard trigger Tail?

Reflection (Transformed Animal): Does it redirrect the whole attack, Sorcery Ice Blast for example, or literally only the damage?

Pain Eater: Range is the same area as the gene freak. If the gene freak's ally is in the same general area and wounds the target, the power kicks in.

Justice Bringer et al: Only add the bonus once for the attack.

Way of the Dragon: Yes, Beard triggers Tail, as Tail asks for foes that you have inflicted wounds on, and Beard inflicts wounds.

Reflect: This literally takes the smackdown (outcome + damage) of the attack and applies it to the sorcerer. It doesn't convey any other effects.

Cheers Cam! I'll probably have more for you!