Errata? Will Not Die Creature Power (EL104)

In the description of this power (Eaters of the Lotus, p104), it states:

I'm not sure whether this has been covered in extant errata, but surely it's pretty likely for Wound Points to exceed Constitution within the first sequence of combat - which would then make the creature pretty likely to flake out fast, rather than offering a decent challenge.
Should this instead read:

After all, with this power, Impairment points tend to amass fairly swiftly anyway (1 at 10 Wounds, and +1 for every five thereafter), and there's no upper cap to them, either. (And creatures with this heal really slowly, too, unless they have other schticks to cover this.)

That's how I've run it when a p layer wound up with Will Not Die. The weaker version wouldn't really justify two schticks.