Errating? Errataing? Errata-ing? Patching.

I notice that the digital edition of FS2 has advanced to v1.4.

A couple of my players have dead tree format rulebooks (one from the Kickstarter, one purchased since they started playing in my game - win!) - I've pointed them at the errata sheet on the Atlas site which should bring them up to v1.3 (although when I cross-referenced them against my printed rulebook, some of them seemed to have already been applied).

Is there an incremental errata list/chart anywhere, which indicates which errata were applied in which versions, so that I know what the differences between digital v1.3 and v1.4 are, and so that I can also let my players know, for rulebook-patching purposes?


I downloaded the 1.4 version, but I didn't notice any changes. I think there may be some typos still in there from the first draft, although stuff like "x should be capitalized" or "x should be bolded" are more formatting errors than typos.

I made a long list of stuff I thought should be fixed or clarified back when Cam was asking for proofreading, but a lot of that list was more along the lines of "please clarify this" or "this needs to be explained better" rather than typographical errors.

I think I ask this about a year, year and a half ago - but has the core rule book got a second printing yet?

I really want to buy a dead tree version, rather than just have the updated pdf, but the errata is long... and I'd only have to keep referring to those pages rather - and would be better sticking with the pdf...

If it hasn't, does anyone know if there's plans to update the actual book in the next printing and when that might possibly be (I know it's not an easy question to answer!)

Hi all — the second printing of Feng Shui 2 arrived to our warehouse yesterday. It incorporates 500+ errata changes. The imagery is also a bit more vibrant, and the binding is a little better. Atlas Games | Feng Shui 2

Our plan is to get an updated PDF version to everyone who owns a physical copy of the book, but a few technical things need to be worked out before that can happen. Thanks for your patience!

[UPDATE: We delivered updated errata-fixed Feng Shui 2 PDFs to all our Kickstarter backers via We also updated the PDFs we had for sale online, so if you bought the original PDF then be sure to re-download to get the errata-fixed version! Unfortunately, we don't actually have the ability to deliver these PDFs to all 1st Printing physical copy owners, as Amelia implied above. Our apologies for mis-speaking. But you can find the list of errata here. -Michelle Nephew, Atlas Games Co-Owner]

Thanks @Amelia!
Is the DriveThruRPG .pdf also going to be updated to the second printing version?

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That's the plan! Necessary adjustments to the covid-19 situation have stalled this a little bit, but it's still on the to-do list. Thanks for your patience!

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Thanks for the reassurance! And no worries - keep well!

Hey All,

I notice Drive Thru RPG has the new errated version up now. :slight_smile:

Good job Atlas!


Thanks for getting this up on DTRPG!

Is there a list of the errata that have been applied since v1.4 anywhere? I've noticed a couple of changes to substantive rules already, and would rather be able to run down a summary for my players to decide whether we're going to use them or not, than hope that I've spotted all of them.

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Thanks for sharing the latest Feng Shui PDF incorporating all current errata has been uploaded to DriveThruRPG. I just downloaded it!

Does anyone know where in the UK I can purchase the hardback 2nd Printing of Feng Shui second edition?


It should be available for stores to order from distribution. Your best bet is to get in touch with a local games shop.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I've reached out to several flgs in the UK, all of whom say that feng shui 2 (and they don't know which printing or how to find out which one it would be regardless) is available from their distributors

1st printing was marked as "printed in USA." 2nd printing is "printed in Hong Kong"