Errors in FS2 PDF

Sorcerer's Scroll of Spells ability is called Heal Wounds on p 83.

Not sure what a Ghost with Horrific Appearance is supposed to do with a Seduction skill.

Lucky 8 Ball sorcerer shtick still says recover Chi. Is this intended to be Fortune or specifically Chi in a character who otherwise has Magic?

Here is what I sent in:

26+ Awesoming Up: Different characters get new skills at 9, 10 or 11. Is this intentional?
27: The Way the Wind blows reads "instead of a penalty under adverse conditions". There is no penalty under adverse conditions according to p112. Does the Archer get this bonus under any adverse condition?
27 Smoke Arrow deals an Adverse Condition penalty to an opponent. Shouldn't this be an Impairment?
42: Everyday Hero can learn any Fu Path but Sword. Is that intentional?
46: Exorcist Monk can learn many including weapon related Fu paths, but not Sword. Is that intentional?
49: Bag Full of Guns II leading 1 is dropped at damage 12 and 13 weapons
58: Karate Cop can learn many (including weapon related) Fu paths, but not Sword and Fox. Is that intentional?
59: Take the Shot give a bonus of just +2 here while in other places it's +4
69: Signature Weapon refers to a .357 Magnum which the character doesn't have. The asterisk'ed weapon doesn't include the bonus.
81: Look out, Kid should be changed parallel to the Defense Boost change so it helps against the next attack, not for the next shot.
88: The Sword Master misses the Sword Path on his advancement path.
90: Ninja path yould fit well for the Thief
100: "Who you ought not be wailing on" should technically start with "A fifth category..."
127: Reload: What happens if you roll exactly the rearm value?
142: Bloody but Unbowed III lists "Bloody but Unbowed III" as prerequisite. Should be: "Bloody but Unbowed II"
142f: Path of the Montage should be listed before Path of the Outlaw if they are supposed to be alphabetically.
143: Panther Pounce lists "Dark's Soft Whisper" as prerequisite. Should be "Friend of Darkness" as the other is a bonus schtick.
146: Target the Core lists "One-Inch Punch" as prerequisite. Should be "Hammer Punch" or "Back Leg Kick" as the other is a bonus schtick.

I'm a bit surprised that some of these are still in the document.