Estate management

As things stand now Lady A has a position of being effectively unelected mayor of a small town, while Honor is a count with an estate. This thread is for managing secular events related to these positions.

The first issue I will raise is that in 1127 William II of Apulia dies without child, and Roger II claims all of the lands of Calabria and Apulia as his inheritance. Many in the Norman houses are upset by this, and Pope Honorius II declares a crusade against Roger. At the same time you are aware that the Augustan brotherhood (which at this time is a secret society of learned magicians) supports Roger II. There have also been some grumblings about Honorius II being infernally tainted or influenced coming from the covenant in Rome, though that may just be "sour grapes" about the fact he seized the papacy by force of arms, and certainly nobody has claimed to have confirmed it through any magical or supernatural test.

Both sides of course wish you to support their efforts against the other.

I want to note this is a plot point and cannot simply be ignored- the game will hold until these decisions are made. obviously it will hold at the end of 1127, which we have not yet reached, but this does need to be addressed.

Honor claims neutrality in these manners and offers neither support. He also suggests to his wife that she get a spell for protecting his lands from invading armies.

Lady A's husband is a distant relative of Roger II's mother, if I remember correctly. She will support Roger, but be very careful in doing so. She has no army, no vast lands, etc, and her husband is famously infirm, so she will always delay and defer. And the fortress was granted by Apulia, right? Walk a fine line there.

The popes are a disappointing lot

If he can wrangle the Vis, Oliverius has been doing research into ruining entire armies of soldiers - but as we've discussed, Verditius are expensive.

As things stand in 1130:
Honorius has a single manor estate, 0 affinity (1 affinity halved for non-participation), with an estate income of 10 pounds/yr
Sandor is either a bachelor knight (supported by a Lord under Roger II) or also has a single manor (if he spends his gratitude on such) with affinity 1 and 10 lbs/yr income
Lady A's husband is the Burgher of an unchartered town which while granted to the covenant at a time of greater chaos should now become chartered either to Roger II or whichever lord under Roger II controls the surrounding lands. Please indicate if you have a preference or will simply go with best terms.

Sandor will spend his Gratitude in :
•5 points to become a Bacheler,
•10 points from Bacheler to Lord of the Manor. So now he has land. Woohoo!
Time to start looking for a wife, I guess.

Lady A will keep Siderno, together with her husband, and will look for the best terms.

1133 added 3 manors and a wife to Sandor's estate- total of 4 manors (40 lbs of silver a year)

Will add to the sheet, thanks! Sandor will use much of his extra silver to hire good cooks, and have a full pantry and wine cellar, he eats for two. He will try and charm the widow, so that marriage and heirs can come swiftly; if she proves utterly intractable, he is not above arranging her disappearance.

silveroak, Sandor has enough Gratitude for 2 more Manors. Are there any available at the end of 1135?

Also he will attempt to produce an heir which should be born at the end of Spring in 1136.

1135 was a year which saw much back and forth in combat, with Roger losing and then regaining a lot of ground, so yes, there will be 2 manors which can be assigned to Sandor.
does he want to talk with Anna about helping produce that heir?

Thanks, will take those 2 manors.

Hmm, is Anna's Fertility magic ability known by anyone outside her husband? Gloriana, maybe? Evandrus, who taught her, is dead.
Sandor's only relevant knowledge is Area Lore Locri 1, although he has a high Folk Ken and is increasing his Intrigue, and interacts with a large portion of the turb regularly. Even Lady A, who assists the Magi and attends Council meetings when allowed, and is a Busybody who has gone with Anna on multiple adventures might not know: Anna seems so pious, prim and proper, and this might be a matter she might not share with others. (although Lady A might have deduced it with her vast Magic Theory and expert knowledge of the Order, Bravery being Gifted such an improbable coincidence and Evandrus doing such obsessive research on this; she also assisted Gloriana several times, and the subject of his research obviously discussed.)

I am going to go with Sandor doesn't know about it. He also might not care, as producing an heir is only a means to an end to him. His wife would probably not want this either. Don't think he has the means to recompense Anna either, but he might enjoy the perversion (as he sees it) of having Anna witness his coupling with his wife!

Anna has been fairly open about knowing said magic. Evandrus was open about offering classes and they weren't secretly meeting for classes! If that knowledge has filtered down to Sandor is up to you. Anna won't explicitly confirm/deny what goes on in the bedroom, but an attentive/nosy individual wouldn't have much trouble figuring out which children she took advantage of said magic for. That make sense?

Sandor will spend 50 Gratitude points to earn 5 more manors, if they are available. He will look for ways to earn more, once he has 15 manors he can eventually turn into a minor baron! He will be on the lookout for such opportunities.

That puts Sandor at 11 manors with a total income of 110 lbs/yr.