Heya all, I'm looking for a political map of Europe (and north africa/west asia/middle east) for 1220.
The lack of one in the book is somewhat distressing. Oh, sure, there's that one with the cities, but it's woefully inadequate.

Heck, the lack of basic, even sketchy, history is terrifying.

For copyright issues I probably shouldnt bring the maps from some of my historic atlas'es - but in any case I think you should be able to find anything you need at this website.

If you are looking for more moody pictures this website has maps that are harder to read but they are in-setting and could be used as handouts.

Life-saver, ye are.
Although yes, something more high resolution would be nice...

Ask and ye shall recieve...

And for Extremely Highres...

I should hug you.

Found them while looking for old maps of Prague for one of our games. :slight_smile:

I've got good inspiration from this site- almost like a series of animated cells showing the growth/fall of differing powers/cultures.

And another general respository:

(keep the hug manly, now...)


A sticky to this thread would be quite cool.


This sounds like an anti-Gay sentiment to me , and could be misconstrued as offensive , despite the smiley.

I myself own The New Penguin Atlas of Medieval History, as well as The New Penguin Atlas of Ancient History, both of which are, well, full of maps - including maps about trade.

I remember those- classic school books. Should be able to find used editions cheap on-line, I'd think.