Evangelos of Jerbiton (Rough Draft)

Name: Evangelos of Jerbiton
Age: 21

Background to be provided: He grew up in a family of craftsman in a mid-size town in Greece.
As a young child, he enjoyed watching all the craftsmen in town work. As he grew a bit however, is tendency to stare intently at what they were working seemed to cause folks to become uncomfortable in his presence.
He was found by his Hermetia of Jerbiton at the age of 6. She was easily able to persuade his parents that she could take better care of him.

int: +2 per: +5
com: +2 pre: +1
dex: -2 qui: -2
end: +2 str: -2

Confidence score: 1; points: 3
Personality: Precise (+2), Detail-Oriented (+1), Soft-Spoken (+1)
House Jerbiton

virtue: affinity for Rego
puissant Rego
affinity for Finesse
puissant Finesse
skilled parens
great Perception (2x)
Life Linked Spotaneous Magic

Free: The Gift
Hermetic Magus
Jerbiton minor virtue Book Learner

Flaws: deficient Technique: Intelligo
Overconfident (Major)
optimistic (minor)
loose magic
susceptible to divine power
visions (related to above)

arts: 15 + 3 (80 + 50%) Rego, 3 (6) Anima, 3 (6) Corpus,
3 (6) Herbam, 3 (6) Terram, 3 (6) Vim

Halt the Body (custom) cause on target to stop moving as long as the mage
Rego Corpus 20 R: Voice, D: Conc, T: Ind
(base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Conc)
Rise of the Feathery Body (Rego Corpus 10)
Repel the Wooden Shafts (Rego Herbam 10)
Aegis of the Hearth (Rego Vim 30)
Throw Rock fast (Rego Terram 20)
The Phantom Blacksmith (ReTe 20)
Seven League Strides (ReCo 30)
Sooth the Ferocious Bear (ReAn 10)

[Invisible Glassworker is ReTe 4, so use spontaneous.]


native language (Romaic Greek) 5 (dialect)
Awareness: 2 (15) (searching)
Charm: 1 (5) (first impression)
Brawl: 1 (5) (dodging)
Area Lore: 1 (5) (birth area)
Folk ken: 1 (5) (craftsmen)
Swim: 1 (5) (long distance)
Survival: 1 (5) (coastal)

Magic Theory: 4 (50) (Rego)
Classical Greek: 4 (50) (Hermetic usage)
Code of Hermes: 1 (5) (Tribunal procedures)
Concentration: 1 (5) (spell concentration)
Artes Liberales: 1 (5) (Ritual Magic)
Philosophae: 1 (5) (Ritual magic)
Finesse: 5 + 2 (50 + 50%) (Rego)
Parma Magica: 1 (5) (Rego)
Order of Hermes Lore: 1 (5) (history)
Penetration: 1 (5) (Rego)
Profession - Scribe: 1 (5) (accuracy)
Etiquette: 1 (5) (order of Hermes)
House Jerbiton Lore: 1 (5) (history)
Teaching: 1 (5) (magus)

Given that Classical Greek defaults to Romaic - 2, and Romaic is 5, can I spend 20 experience to have Classical Greek at 4?

By RAW, no you can't.

You must either raise your Romaic Greek to 7, or buy Classical Greek to 5 from scratch.

Thanks Arthur. The obvious restriction is that since I want this guy to be young, I am not allowed to raise Romaic Greek to 7, or even 6. (unless I want to waste an entire virtue, no thanks.)

A further note regarding languages. Although Romaic Greek can be used to cover Classical Greek with a -2 penalty, you can't take a specialty that will help with it. But you can tale a relevant specialty in Classical Greek.

That means that if you plan to write book, it is worth buying Classical Greek seperately. You have basically 5 profiles if your Natibe Language is Romaic Greek:

Romaic Greek 6 allows you to read anything for 30 xp.
Romaic Greek 5 and Classical Greek 3 (hermetic usage) allows you to read only hermetic books for 30 xp.
Romaic Greek 7 allows you to read and write everything for 65 xp
Romaic Greek 5 and Classical Greek 4 (hermetic usage) allows you to read everything and write hermetic books for 50 xp.
Romaic Greek 5 and Classical Greek 5 allows you to read and write everything for 75 xp.

The last one may not seem useful, but I think that the rules to translate from one language to another without a loss of quality requires one to have a score of 6 in the original's language. Can't say where those rules are -- perhaps in Art & Academe, a book I don't own. Someone else may be able to confirm or correct me. So if you want a character who can translate book from say, Classical Greek to Latin, then a score of 5 plus a relevant specialty would definitively be worth it.

I have checked both artes and academe and covenants and cannot find any such rule. Could this have been a house rule in another game?

A friendly soul gave me the reference, as I don't have A&A. It's in an insert on page 87.

Okay, that indicates that to translate without loss of quality you have to have a 6 in both languages... and area lore for where the text is from of 3 or higher.
I'm also coming out with 1 unspent point on abilities/arts, you could raise one of your 0's to a 1...

With regard to the unspent points, are you sure that was on Evangelos? Given that he has 5 arts at 3 (30 points), and 1 art at 15 (for 80 points with affinity), and everything else takes multiples of 5, I can't have 1 point left.
I will replace Latin with Classical Greek for him, and that should be done, as he is not intended to be the translator.

I missed Vi, also failed to take into consideration the affinity on finesse, looks like you have 15 points remaining, unless I missed something else... or you could just drop your age by 1 year to 21...

While I would love to drop his age by 1 (part of his OverConfidence is youth, but it will persist...) I can not add it up.
110 points in Arts.
45 points in early childhood skills, set apart
205 points in other skills (cost in parenthesis after each skill, 3 skills at 50 points each, one with affinity to give level 5, and 11 skills at 5 each)
Thats 315 points after early childhood, with skilled Parens. Seems like I need 1 year. If 3 of those are free in ways I missed, I might rearrange.

Yes, 1 year, so early childhood is 0-5, you spend the later childhood until 6, then apprenticeship till 21.

Thanks. I will add some color over the next day or two. Then, when I get Societes read, I can provide a better background. I consider the formal parts of the character complete.

The Jerbiton chapter is pretty cool. I've built my character to be involved with the Antigones myself.

On your custom spell, hold body motionless is base 5, +2 voice, +1 concentration. I'm not certain what you mean by more powerful effect- if this is the same as the increase in base or if you are trying to affect people up to 15 ft in height...

The goal is simply that the target stays completely motionless.
The formula is the one another storyteller had proposed. I am happy to adjust it.

If you aren't going for something else with that +1, then removing the +1 and switching to a base of 5 will accomplish the same thing. Go ahead and post this character in magi.