Example Libraries?

Does anyone have any example Covenant libraries (including suma, tractati and lab notes)? I'm starting a new campaign, and the players have set up a brand new covenant and want to trade for copies of books with other covenants, but I can't find any covenant descriptions that include library holdings. I could just wing it, of course, and I will if I have to, but I thought some kind soul might already have what I'm looking for.

We're playing in the Stonehenge Tribunal (as per Merlin's Heirs), so I'm detailing the covenants there, but any list of example libraries would be greatly appreciated.

This: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/sharing-metacreator-covenant-files/7691/1 might help you.

And this: atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/Semita.pdf .


This is a work in progress, but the library is done:

timothyferguson.wordpress.com/ep ... inas-rest/

This covenant is also a work in progress, but the library in complete. This is a library that was gutted when the covenant fell in Winter, but it has begun to be rebuilt by a magus who came back to the covenant afterward. As such, the covenant would be interested in trading.


Feel free to use the covenant's name, or anything else from the wiki. It is being created as a sample covenant. Even better for your purposes, it is set in the Stonehenge Tribunal.

I have a game set in Hibernia (non-canon) where the librarian is setting up a scriptorium, and is interested in trading- current books in the library:
Corpus Q:8 tractus Well Living
Creo Q:8 tractus The formation of faerie tales
He Q:8 tractus Medicinal Herbs
Vim: level:16 Q:15 Arcane Power
Pe: 11 tractus
Me:11 Tractus
Mu:11 tractus Ch ch ch changes
Co: 11 tractus Sound Body
Co:14 tractus Anatomical Anomalies
Magic Theory Tractus1:14 Case Studies in Magic
Magic Theory Tractus2:14 More Case Studies in Magic
Magic Theory Tractus3:14 Still More Case Studies in Magic
Terram: level 14 quality 17 Secrets of the Earth
Chirurgy: L 8 Quality:14 Primer of Hipocrates

Anyone wanting to exchange for any of these titles please let me know... I think inter-game trading is adds some degree of realism...
The Covenant is Covenant of the Crossroads, and there are also magi who have private libraries who might be interested in trade...

There is this for an old saga I run: zapad-na-vostoke.wikidot.com/library

Thanks everyone for your help, these were just what I was looking for. Now, when the Magi go to trade for books, I can do better than just "they have one tracatus on Vim and a summa on candle-making."

I'll let you know what they end up trading for!

This one is for a saga thats been around a bit now..

rpgwiki.geekbraingames.com/rpgwi ... hp/Library

I'll trade Study in Rot, Sound Mind, Ch ch ch changes, sound body, Anatomical Anomalies, and the three case studies in magic for To take away - Moral uses for the technique of Perdo. I'm assuming we each copy from our own library and calf and cow apply both ways.

If you want to wing it, but with some sort of idea behind what might possibly exist, this topic had some interesting discussion on what is possibly available as far as quality and and the numbers involved. Arthur also created a spreadsheet which allows one to change assumptions a bit.

It's an interesting exercise to figure out what is possible in your saga. I'm leaning towards swapping the columns for Spell Mastery and Arts, personally. I think texts on Spell Mastery generally receive short shrift, and think certain spells would have dozens of mastery texts available (PoF, BoAF, IoL, AotH) because of their utility. Any commonly cast ritual[1] in your saga should also have many texts available, and I can see mastery texts as being a good way for a budding writer to get his foot in the door of Hermetic writing so to speak.

[1]I believe that ritual casting always requires a stress die, and has botch dice at least equal to the pawns of vis used, mastery only reduces the number of botch dice based on the mastery score, and doesn't eliminate it entirely. This was heavily and heatedly discussed here. RAW is, at best, contradictory, but it's pertinent here, because it explains why I think there should be more mastery texts available...

Sorry I'm late, but here's the library my group used for the last saga:
Magical Library
Mundane Library