Example minor magical foci in Vim...

The title says it all, anyone with good examples?

Would "Sensing the supernatural" a minor focus, spanning Intellego Vim and Intellego Mentem?

"Might stripper" SG's favorite :wink:

"sensing the supernatural" is basically Intelligo + anything as long as it's meant to target supernatural so that's wider than your description (and not a minor focus Imho)


I would ask the player to describe what aspects of InVi and InMe are not covered by the focus: A minor focus should be slightly smaller than a TeFo. A small subset of two TeFos is fine, but not most of 2 TeFos, and especially not all of InVi plus some of InMe.



Raw Vis - Detect/Judge the amount of/Discern type of vis InVi guidelines, Move without lab ReVi guideline, Vis Cleansing from RoP:I (potentially other realms?), plus some research areas?

Arcane connections - Spells that affect ACs (preservation/expiry/?) as opposed to using them in spells?

Apotropaic magic? - Not 100% sure if it's minor, but it's a thing.

Magical Suppression? - PeVi guidelines seeming non-magical to Intellego spells, Might Pool reduction guideline, Reduce casting Total guidelines, ReVi suppressing spells (of the sustain/supress guideline), maybe the Aegis?

Arcane containers and tunnels might be a good one. (waiting spell/watching ward/patient spell along with opening the intangible tunnel/evil eye/minute of judgement and all of the other variations).

an NPC antagonist in my current irl game has a minor magical focus in warping. It's not a healthy scenario.

maybe detecting spirits instead of sensing the supernatural...

Perhaps destroying magical defenses: Perdo Vim to blow away wards, Parma, Revoking the Protection of (Realm) type spells?

So that would span quite some techniques, or are this several proposals for different minor foci related to raw vis?

Similar question here. Is arcane connections sufficiently narrow to count as minor focus while applying to potentially all techniques?

Spanning several technique/form combinations is acceptable, as "self-transformation" covers a range of Corpus and Mentem (but at range:personal), and "healing" covers animal and corpus healing, and these are minor foci.

Canon examples of Vim minor foci: "warding" seems to cover all your ReVi wards and Aegis of the Hearth. "dispelling" as used by Philippus Niger in GotF has been discussed on this forum, as it seems almost as wide as "counterspells" which is a major focus in HoH:MC (in the Merinita section).

The "raw vis" one seems fair, as it covers a couple of small InVi guidelines (while ignoring all the detecting magic, region investigation etc.), one ReVi guideline, one PeVi guideline - the total number isn't very big.

There is some argument over whether "dispelling" is anywhere near as broad as "counterspelling". But that is another thread.

But as another canon example, in the Societies book under the ex Miscellenea chapter are the Children of Pralix who all have the Minor Magical Focus in Exotic Magic, which applies to almost any Vim spell designed to affect non-Hermetic magic.

You could also have "Manipulating Own Spells," allowing Muto Vim effects. This could be quite effective coupled with Flexible Formulaic Magic.

Most spirits are covered under the Form of Vim, so specifically focusing on a specific spirit type should count as a Minor Magical Focus. Not necessarily limited to Vim, aas some Ghosts are affected my Mentem, and maybe even Corpus.

But what of a Minor Magical Focus in Angels? Angels should be pur Spirit, hence primarily affected by Vim. Unlike Demons, there is nothing in the Hermetic Code forbidding you to use "Angel" affecting spells.

I asked something like it previously: [url]https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/vim-related-foci/11793/1]. Some interesting answers o conclusions:

Some possible Minor foci:

  • Dispelling
  • Counterspelling
  • Investigating supernatural residues (any realm, only magic effect residues, not creatures or other things)
  • Wards vs Supernatural beings
  • Exotic Magic
  • Sensing magical (infernal, faerie...) power
  • Spell conduits and containers
  • Metamagics (MuVi alterations to spells)