Excel character Sheet


I'm working on a character sheet and looking for some feedback/comments

It's still work in progress but I prefer to get feedback prior to it being all done :slight_smile:

Since this board does not allow files to be attached, is there someone willing to host the file?


Just go to megaupload :wink:.

I'd love a copy :slight_smile:

Alright ...

give me your comments



It's good, really.


There is no such thing as Mortis as an Art;
Some skills ought to be changed, IMHO;
Water Walk's base level should be 4, not 3;
Your Discern the Image of the Truth 15 does not discern illusions of a level higher than level 5. You sure you want it?
A note on Notes of a delightful Sound : not sure it will affect new sounds as the sun duration go on (opposite to what the description in ArsMag5 seems to imply...) ;
Loss of but a moments memory, with a range: pers., will only affect you...!! ;
Prying Eyes should really be a R: pers. D:Conc. T:Vison InIm level 10 (the base book has it wrong here) ;
Carve Your Dream - Minor obj cannot be done as a minot object, it needs to be major (otherwise, dreams are cheap...;p );
You have "-25 points left" : that's cheating! I'm going to warn your DM right now...

So, all in all, Good work

Hum, no? You are not enhancing your sense, you are changing the focus.

There is a spell in a book which does that canonly. maybe in MoH, the tytalus sailor chapter. Don't recall its base however.

It's very good, of course.

You should change the formatting of the scores to lose the decimal points; the score should be "1" or "2", not "1.0" or "2.0".

I'd add more places for skills (Abilities). More XP sinks always seem to creep up on you. You might also want to consider other XP sinks, such as Warping and Spell Mastery (which you aren't tracking, just listing, right now).

I personally also like to add a "Chargen" page, that helps me add up the XP in character generation. This would set the "starting score" (not "rank", BTW, if you want to stick to ArM terminology) of Abilities and Arts.

Another missing piece is your familiar. I'd insert a place to set your familiar cords by allocating the bond points.

You might also want to set up a Laboratory page to manage your laboratory improvements and bonuses, if you are using Covenants to manage that.

Yet another book-keeping facility is managing raw vis. It depends on you, but often it's better to keep track of seasonal income and expenditure just like you do with XP.

It's also important to keep track of which tractatus you've read. But I guess the "details" tab would do for that.

Finally, I'd add two pages to discuss the nitty-gritty details. I'd add one "Further Details' page of pure text to the character sheet, where the fully details of things like his items, unique spells, familiar statistics, and so on are given. And another "Lab Log" where the full details of their creation are given, as they are created. For these pages I prefer a word-processor, though.



It's perfect for defeating Frosty Breath......

I dug down and there's a logic to his madness. We would write the same "2 (0)". I suggest you change the formula to =IF(extra=0, score, score & "." & extra) or whatever the equation was. I personally don't like to pollute the playing sheet with long-term data, to each his own.

There also the neat =FLOOR((SQRT(1+xp8/5)-1)/2,1) which would save you from those horrible VLOOKUP. Same thing for =xp-score(score+1)*5/2 for the remainder. {remove the *5/5 for Arts}.

You should ditch the Skills worksheet and directly bring the calculations to the front page. Condition-colorize red any Seasons entry not matching those named in the front page and you are free to list any Ability. This could allow using Seasons for {Reputation Warping Mastery} tracking and hey, what's to stop you from having invalid entries to track other events.

Your SUMIF is a neat trick too. The rank before could just be a SUMIF(F$2::F99...) and if you ever have an Affinity, you'll need a 2nd xp gain column in Seasons to do the multiply&round.

Nice growth potential.

Lol thanks for the corrections. Didn't have time to double check my data entries yet but the nice thing is that you can scrap all that & enter your own.


Good points & fairly easy to do. Just add to my "packaging" time to ensure everything has the same format / nomenclature etc


I so wish I had this post in hand prior to me constructing the vlookup logic ... I've always been a bit lazy so I went will the simple (ugly) path. I'll see if I can implement your logic.