Excel Character Sheet

I've been playing with character sheet spreadsheets for years. I've just recently updated my latest one into a 'one page' version (with everything except hermetic stuff). I figure this one has a decent amount of 'automation' without making it too cumbersome. I'd share it out with others, but I don't have anywhere to host it or anything. Anybody want it or have a place to put it for others to grab?


Also, I'd be happy to email a copy to anyone who requests it via private message.

Project Redcap will be happy to host such a sheet. You can upload the file and edit the Character Sheets page to link to it. (If you can't do so anonymously, say so here or use the Contact option on the site, and we'll get back to you...)


I couldn't figure out how to upload on the site. I sent them a contact message.

Also, I've just about got a working googledoc version up and running.

For those interested, it's now been uploaded to Redcap.

redcap.org/page/File:Ars_Cha ... g_V01.xlsx

Now also linked to from the character sheets page,


Thanks, Thumper!


Feedback welcome.

I like it very much. Great job!

A few suggestions for version 2:

Hermetic Arts page (Arts, casting totals, certamen totals, etc.)
Familiar Sheet (very similar, I would think, to the main sheet)
Talisman Sheet (construction, bonuses, vis cost, etc.)

Again, great job. WIll use!


Thanks. I was looking over my previous version of my 'magus related information' sheet and I don't think I'm going to have to modify much. I covers arts, familiars, and such. Talisman is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I have room. I'll probably finish tinkering with it this weekend and upload it on Sunday some time (unless football distracts overly much).