Experience and the single grog

How do you, or does your Storyguide, handle experience in your campaign reguarding the non-magi?

Do grogs get full exp for going on an expedition, or participating in an adventure? Do companions?

What about "down" seasons? Assuming you don't have enough grogs to grant vacation, do they only get exposure experience? Or can they be assumed to be training each season?

What about grogs with more general jobs, like a cook or barber?

The same for companions, are they considered free full time? Or do they default to less free time unless they take wealthy? What if they have a job in your covenant (Autocrat, for instance).

As always, I understand we can do whatever we'd like, but I'd enjoy seeing what the other sagas are doing.

Call it "Keeping Up With The Frunys"

Grogs on adventures get the same experience, but it has to be spent on skills used in the adventure-- which, iirc, is what it says regarding adventure experience, anyway-- but otherwise, they only get the two seasons of exposure and two of practice or training, unless we've got specific plans for them and put them to some task. :slight_smile:

Covenfolk get glazed over unless we need one for some story, then they're updated for the session beforehand.

Our companions get full free time, dependent on their position/profession. We had a merchant ship captain, and he only had one free season, but he offset costs well. We had a Welsh Outlaw and Hunter, and he had four free seasons because he was oncall for wetwork and skullduggery at anytime. We had a landless knight who had two free seasons unless we paid his scutage, and then he had four.