Experience at End of Apprenticeship (Metacreator)

Ok... I'm tooling around with Metacreator. I'm making some 25 year old mages, each having been apprenticed at age 10.

All told, without any experience-adding Virtues, the characters seem to have 480 experience to spend according to Metacreator.

Now, 240 of that is from apprenticeship.
45 of it is from early childhood.
75 of that is for the years betwixt ages 5 and 10.

The rest? I have no clue. Did I goof up some Metacreator setting, or is there some source of experience I was unaware of?


Well, in Ars Magica 5th in general - what's a generic 25 year old mage fresh out of apprenticeship going to have under his belt, experience wise?



Serf's parma here but preety much what you comupted;

45 from early childhood (+75xp worth of speak own language)

15 * number of years between age 5 and the start of apprenticeship i.e. 75xp .

The xp gained in apprenticeship (you listed 240I'd have to check)

any xp from virtues

are you sure that you didn't somehow "give" the metacreator character some extra xp?

I'll have to look. That must be the case, but I'm learning the program, so I'm unsure of where such changes might be made.

Man, that mage looked pretty cool, too :wink:


It's the 120 spell levels. Levels count as XP for the calculation, I have no idea why. Since the program requires you to take 120 levels of spells, it works out just fine.

Just add up spells and you will see.


Ah, problem solved! Thanks!