Experience Points, Abilities Scores and Magic

In Mysteries Revised Edition I saw Daimonics powers than garant Experience, I remember than thats still be under season advance system, no problem with that. But; Could a Muto Mentem of base 10 or 15 changes the amount of experience in other Abilities Score? Could a highly exotic base 5 (+1 or more to the magnitud) create Experience Points permanents in Ritual? That firstly should cause Warping, but Should it require a Intelligence + finess stres roll? I know that this ideas can be "munchkiners" but i wanteddiscute this.

if you have a large enough negative to balace it out...sure.

we had a magi that developed a spell to steal someones knowledge, the down side was that it gave massive warping points just about garanteing twilight and if you were found to be doing this you'd probally be charged with various crimes.

I was thinking really in one spell like To the Quill from the Sword becoming a Martial Ability in other Ability type with Diameter or Sun Duration, and making mor simple defeat the target.

I believe it is mentioned in the description of House Jerbiton, in HoHS, that Hermetic magic is not able to create/mess-with memories (XP) in this manner, although it isn't clear why as it isn't in violation of the Laws of Magic. Personally, I don't like the idea of magic being used to transfer or create Abilities, but if you do I guess more power to ya (literally).

Only That was a idea, but its true... I thougt the XP like Memorys about 10 or 15 of Creo or Perdo Mentem. I suppose that with Rego you Could make easy a Teaching or not? Only like suggestion.

One problem that might arise that if you can add XP to Abilities, there shouldn't really be any reason why you can't add XP to Arts. So you can get into a kind of feedback loop where you cast a spell to add XP to say Creo, which gives you more Creo score, which allows you to cast a higher level spell, to give you more Creo, and so forth.

Having said that, if I was going to make an original research project or something to do this, my suggestion would be to forget about XP and just deal with the Ability Score and make guidelines like:

CrMe 5 Raise an Ability Score of the target to level 1, for the duration of this spell.
CrMe 15 Raise an Ability Score of the target to level 2, for the duration of this spell.
CrMe 30 Raise an Ability Score of the target to level 3, for the duration of this spell.
CrMe 50 Raise an Ability Score of the target to level 4, for the duration of this spell.
CrMe 75 Raise an Ability Score of the target to level 5, for the duration of this spell.


MuMe 15: Raise an Ability Score of the target by 1, and reduce another (higher) Ability Score by 1 for the duration of this spell.


PeMe 20: Reduce an Ability Score of the target by 1 for the duration of this spell.

With the option of making any of them permanent by being momentary duration rituals.

I don't think that these would be too unbalancing. But I haven't thought too hard about it.

Well... as long as you limit it to Ability Scores, excluding Arts, the damage isn't great. If you run a vis-rich saga, it is still enormous - people would simply burn raw vis instead of studying from book; you will have arbitrary high scores in Magic Theory (for Lab Totals), Artes Liberales & Philosophiae (for Ceremonial/Ritual casting), Penetration, Concentration, Brawl or other combat abilities, any Supernatural Ability that a player likes.... Imagine a magus with a Magic Theory and Philosophiae of 40 each, or a companion with Enchanting Music 20.

Most sagas won't be so vis-rich, so this won't be as pronounced, but still it would depreciate books and other, IMO more interesting, means of improving one's Abilities. Books on the particular Arts are more interesting than generic raw vis for trade or sheer flavor; learning from a teacher opens up all sorts of options; and finding a unique source, such as receiving the gift of knowledge of the ways of the forest from the Forest Spirit, is even more spiffy. I just don't think learning from raw vis is conductive to the game.

I know, I know. I only thought about three magicals study founts:
-Ars Notoria (with theirs time limits)
-Some powers of Daimonions of Mysteryes Revised
-And Jinns Teaching to Sihrs
And I was thinking in somethig similar with a Spiritual or Teurgic Ritual, Cr(Re)Vi(Form) with Moon, Astrological enlonged or Year durations for take Spirits teachers.
That would be a lot of umbalancing?
[he Cre compnent is for make a Arcane Conection like with the apotropaic guide in RoP: The Infernal. Can this Guideline work with other sobrenatural beings?]

That's why the guidelines that I would use (above) limit the Score that can be achieved with the spell --- much like the existing characteristic improving guidelines limit the level of the characteristic that can be created. So the highest score that you would end up with would be 5.

Also it will still (regardless of the guidelines) take at least a season to create a ritual spell to make the increase permanent.

Having said all that I don't think that I would use such guidelines, but if I was this is what I'd do. It could be quite interesting and flavourful to have enchanted swords that made the wielder competent at Single Weapon, for example.

I begin to think that I pick a white rules points...
Well, to this rules disquestion I could add a Factor, the Time, the Soul and True Nature Limits; because since learn it's getting better in something in the Life and the soul of sombody like result of experience we could say that this "Mentem/Corpus" thing could recall in the same aspect that the True Love and other thigs (We can't forget the Divine Will of the Fruits of Ours Sweat or the aspect of the Artes Liberales like First aspcts of Divine in the mundane, and others medieval ideas like that).