Experienced Frequent Poster Seeks Game

New to this forum but I have plenty of PBP experience and I have been playing Ars Magica for over two decades (started in 2nd edition). I prefer starting with a newly gauntleted magi in a newly formed covenant and working my way up from there but I am open to other scenarios. I post frequently at least 1/day normally. I have most of the 5th edition books and any missing books that are relevant I will pick up (purchasing pdf's is very quick).

I am a Machiavellian style player who enjoys Hermetic politics and intrigue more than combat adventures. My characters normally pursue setting up elaborate organizations or bury themselves in esoteric magical studies (mysteries and ancient magics). My normal preferences are Tremere, Bonisagus, Quaesitor, Criamon or Tytalus magi. I have the metacreator software to make character creation quicker.

If any campaign is looking for a new player and think I may fit then let me know.

We could use another player in Stealing the Future. It's a bit different concept than a standard saga. It's the First Hermetic School for the Arts. We have a Bonisagus Headmistress, and a Tremere Asst. Headmistress. It's not to say that you can't be one of those, but you'd have a bit more direction if you were in one of those houses.

We are currently staffed by a a former Tytalus now Jerbiton, an ex Misc Giant Blooded Maga, another Tremere that is a Quaesitor, a Verditius, a Bonisagus of the Trianoma lineage and a Merinita that has gone absent for about 3 weeks now, during the middle of his character creation.

Teachers need to be old enough to take an apprentice, and that can be a lot of work, even with MetaCreator. So, if you'd like to start as an apprentice we can probably get the ball rolling on doing some role play instead of saga creation stuff we've been doing for a while.

I'm playing in Light of Andorra, and would strongly recommend it, even over my own game which was not deigned to be cycling mages in and out as people drifted through, which looks like it may be the death of the game... but I digress, check out Light of Andorra.