experimentation aditional risk

Ok, here the problem, I had a lab total of 80 I needed 82 to make the effect I wanted so I experimented to do it in a single season and don,t invest the item. I didn't tough about taking extra risk since anything but a 1 would give it to me.... sadly I got a 1... just great, my evil pharaonic cursed dices striked again. We looked about extra risk and noticed nowhere it was saying about adding extra risk AFTER OR BEFORE roling the simple dice (but certainly before the effect on the chart) .... so I think I need general opinions about this mather, can we do it if we follow the standar rules or not... (the dm's is seriously thinking about letting me have it since the dice curse keep striking hard on me.... and I miss EVERY experiments or so... just great XD)

If I were you, if you're European, I'd go looking for some ancient temple of Ananke (the godess of fate) and lay down some flowers or something. You've obviously upset her :stuck_out_tongue:

I'd imagine the risk must be decided BEFORE the dice is cast, but I'll go look at the books and make a more solid reply.

Since you knew you were going to fail on a 1 yet rolled the dice, I'd personally not allow you to change it as an SG due to the "die curse", as that would diminish the trepidition and suspense and hence the enjoyment of the game.


need to pick 1st.

Think of it as spending the season setting up your experiment...you set your hot plate on "high" by the time you roll for the possible variations in your work it's to late to turn the heat off and save what your cooking.

Nice analogy.

Question: What happened on your other roll?

Also: Look at it this way...

You can still complete your project next season...Assuming you don't get a bad result from either roll....

You SG could also houserule in this case that you can choose to burn a Confidence point..whether the rules allow it or not.

confidence CAN'T be use on long therm event roll sadly.

about cooking, when you are a good cook and you see you lack a bit of salt, heat, spices or what ever there is NEARLY always a way to corect it when it turn so so, it's a minor change actualy.... particularly when you try a new recipie or try to invent one.

It's before I roll on the chart, only the bonus roll were roled. I agree in the book it's clear you must chose BEFORE rolling on the chart for modified results but in the order they've put the ideas the speak about the dice to add to lab total first and then about extra risk you take, I see it a bit like: oh, I don't need much to finish it, I'll take some extra risks to finish it, risky but...

I guess it's all about how you interpret the thing.

About finishing in an other season: I just can't, it's a lesser enchantement.

Indeed. Reading the text, while I think the intention was clearly that the exceptional risk would be chosen BEFORE the experiment, the RAW certainly do allow your interpretation as well. As an SG, I'd allow it. It's not disastrous. As long as you haven't rolled on the Extraordinary Results Chart, you can "push your limits even further" by accepting an added bonus to the ERC's roll.