Exposure Experience & Secondary Insight

Suppose you had a mage with Secondary Insight and Affinity with Creo.

Suppose you spent a season refining Vim Vis from the Aura of your covenant.

Presumably you would get exposure experience. Don't see why you couldn't put a point into Creo and a point into Vim.

So, could you choose to end up with

2 points in Creo (put point in from exposure, and you multiply by 1.5 for Affinity and then round up)
1 point in Vim
Creo going up means you could raise four Forms and Vim going up means you can raise two other techniques.

So, you could gain 9 XP for spending a season creating vis. So, for 4 seasons, you could gain 36 XP and have a bunch of Vim vis. Admittedly, you probably spread the points less optimally than you would have liked, but it does leave you with a lot of points.

Secondary insight specifies that it works

"When studying one of the magical techniques from a book, teacher or raw vis you get...blah blah blah"

The bit for forms is shortened saying

"When studying one of the magical forms...blah blah blah"

So we can assume its study totals rather than other experience (i.e. session xp or exposure xp)

So you don't get your insight bonus xp from exposure experience. Only from books, teaching or vis.