Extend Glamour Power

So, I was reading page 61 of Realms of Power, Faerie, and was reading the Extend Glamour power, and I have a couple of questions.

First, the section on personal powers mentions that it did not use intricacy points to lower the cost of the spell, but the level of the effect is 25. Is it just that this is a special situation, so the fact that it costs 0 might is already included in the effect?

Second, it states, "Costs 25 spell levels: may be taken as a Lesser Power on its own or as part of a package of Greater Powers."

What does that mean? Is it really supposed to be in the section on Greater or Lesser Powers? Of course, those powers don't have any similar caveats on them, and they can all be purchased as Greater or Lesser Powers.

Yes. There's a few other powers that do not perfectly match the Hermetic guidelines whose might cost does not match the levels - e.g. Grant Minor Virtue/Flaw and Craft Magical Trinket. Also, note that this power is usually meant to allow the Faerie to "enflesh" itself in its home domain - it's not something that the Faerie can use as a sort of recoinnasance tool when in unfamiliar terrain. So the "cost" is rather moot - even if the Faerie pays it when it assumes ownership of its domain, when encountered it will long since have regenerated the might points.

Unclear... I'd just assume it's a poor phrasing to describe a power that fits poorly in the Lesser/Greater/Personal Power cathegories, and that it if you have 25 levels left over from a Greater Power, you can spend them to get Extended Glamour.